The basic rules of maintaining healthy hair

Hair is the pride of women. In ancient times hair care was mandatory. The condition of the hair spoke eloquently about the origin, status and financial situation of ladies.

Основные правила здоровых волос

Today there are many tools for hair care, but unfortunately not all are as beneficial to hair as desired. The abuse of cosmetic means has the opposite effect, and the hair is just overloaded and this is even more brittle and unhealthy. Actually on the condition of the hair is very strongly influenced by genetics, nutrition and environment. But there are, of course, and the basic rules of hair care, which helps keep your hair clean, healthy and well groomed.

These rules are as follows:

1. You should not wash your hair too often. It is believed that frequent washing your hair will help to keep clean, but too frequent use of shampoo leads to the dryness of hair roots, making them brittle and rough. If the hair is really greasy, you can consult a trichologist or use the shampoo, which would indicate that it is intended for frequent hair washing.

2. Maintain water balance in the body. When hydrated, the hair does not suffer from dehydration. For the beauty of hair rather just stick to the daily value, that is, to consume in a day 1.5–2 liters of fluid.

3. Monitor vitamin balance. In winter and spring, our bodies often do not have enough vitamins, which adversely affects the condition of the hair. To maintain this balance it is possible to use vitamins additionally. Many pharmacies sell vitamin products that are specifically designed for women. They contain compounds that help maintain the health of hair, nails and skin.

4. Eat right. A balanced diet has a great impact on the hair. The use of fiber and vegetables and fruits makes hair smooth and shiny. Excessive consumption of tea and coffee can significantly worsen the appearance of hair. Sugar and salt also should be treated carefully is the main «pests» that violate the structure of hair.

 Use different cosmetic products for hair care. Application only one shampoo is not enough for hair care. After shampooing your hair you need to use a balm or a mask, which can nourish hair and make them obedient. To choose the cosmetics you need, depending on hair type. Option for the lazy spray. Importantly, the tool helped difficult to comb hair, but did improve their structure.

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