A little advice on restoring

Many complain that they have gained a few pounds during the winter. This is the time to look after food and drink. With these tips you will be able to easily and quickly remove a few pounds. Try it and see for yourself all the power of a healthy diet!

Небольшой совет по восстановлению внешнего вида


  • First of all, avoid sugary drinks such as sodas and «dense», colored juices. They are very harmful to your health and contain a lot of preservatives and sugar. You can’t even imagine how many calories these drinks contain.
  • Instead, it is necessary to drink every day at least 2 liters of clean, still water. This will significantly help with fat loss. The teas are also permitted, but without the sweetener.
  • In addition, avoid drinking alcohol. As for the food, we must mention one important «law» that must be respected — there are more healthy food! It includes grains, fruits, vegetables and salads. Dairy products is also possible, however, only those that are less fatty.
  • Soups are ideal for receiving enough vegetables in the body. Fatty meat should be avoided as this will lead to an increase in blood pressure and cholesterol. If you want to eat meat, try to choose chicken or fish.
  • With the help of the Internet you can now find a good, quick and delicious recipes that are dietary and do not contain illegal ingredients. Try a few.
  • Rest in free time or sport greatly promote weight loss. We should not be shy and lazy! Try to spend more time outdoors in the fresh air. Biking, walking and running is very convenient, and small families with children on the Playground. In a short time you will feel relief!
  • For best results, we recommend a peaceful and long sleep, no quality sleep, we will not achieve anything.


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