How to sew a simple bag for gift

To receive a gift in this hand-made packaging is very nice, because it looks very nice, and it will be possible to store something useful.

Как сшить простой мешочек для подарка

This pouch, made from natural materials, perfect for wrapping many gifts — from cash, to cosmetics, jewelry, small accessories.

Sewing the pouch you will need a small piece of linen (or another fabric if desired), lace or piece of rope, thread, materials to decorate the bag (multicolored threads for embroidery, beads, appliques, etc.).

The process of working on crafts:

1. Make pattern of bag for gift giving. Its size can and should vary depending on the size of the gift.

Как сшить простой мешочек для подарка

Marked basic dimensions: AB — height of the two hems, which will be inserted tie-lace, sun — height of bag for gift, CD its width. Thus, the AC — side part (the fold).

Please note that when cutting out will need not to forget the 1-1.5 cm on the turnup.

2. Fold upper part of bag (the turnup, in which is inserted a drawstring) and hem it.

3. Fold the bag in half vertically (red dotted line) and stitch the bottom, the side from the back.

4. Remove the product, insert the lace.

Helpful hint: if you are going to decorate the bag with embroidery or other elaborate decor, it must be done before the follow paragraph 3 of this instruction.

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