How to prepare for pregnancy after removal of fibroids

Increasingly began to find fibroids in young women planning pregnancy. In most cases, uterine repair is not required, but sometimes it’s necessary. In this case, pregnancy has to defer and treat her planning more carefully.

Как подготовиться к беременности после удаления миомы

After removal of the fibroids is very important to observed at competent gynecologist and get pregnant only after doctor’s permission.

There are a few basic ways to remove fibroids: laparoscopy, laparotomy or hysterectomy. The operation may occur with dissection of the uterus and without. Which method you use is determined by the surgeon depending on the size and location of the node. All this information will be in the documents you will receive after discharge from the hospital. This statement you will have to show the doctor that you are planning a pregnancy. Usually proceed to the active planning permit after 6-18 months after surgery, but it is advisable to wait 9 months even if everything went very well and the uterine cavity has not been opened.

After surgery on average you will have a year to prepare for pregnancy, and very well immediately afterwards try to lead a healthy lifestyle, give up alcohol and Smoking. It will additionally contribute to the rapid recovery of the body. It is very important to lead a moderately active lifestyle after myomectomy and when planning pregnancy is contraindicated in severe stress, it is useful a lot of walking, going to the pool or do yoga (be sure to warn the instructor about your condition, some of the asana is contraindicated for you).

First need to visit the dentist, during this period, you can do this twice to the dentist in a couple of months after surgery and ensure that all is well in 6-9 months.

To start you can get tested in 3-4 months to start planning. Here is a list of the standard, these studies all recommend:

  • Fluorography (wife and husband),
  • Blood group and RH factor (wife and husband),
  • RW, HIV, hepatitis (wife and husband) — valid for 1 year,
  • The TORCH infections (CMV, herpes, toxoplasmosis, rubella)
  • Complete blood count,
  • The General analysis of urine.

The exact causes of fibroids are unknown, but they occur frequently in patients with endocrine diseases and can develop in conjunction with breast, so you especially important to undergo additional tests:

  • Breast ultrasound,
  • Thyroid ultrasound,
  • To donate blood at the main thyroid hormones — TSH and free T4.

Additional research that will help to detect potential risks:

  • Gemostaziogramma,
  • Swabs for chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, herpes, cytomegalovirus, human papilloma virus 16/18,
  • Tank. planting from C. channel
  • Semen analysis (husband).

After myomectomy prescribe oral contraceptives or stronger hormonal pills (for example, inducing an artificial menopause). Properly taking these pills you will not be able to get pregnant and you shouldn’t get tested for hormones and do an ultrasound mid-cycle to determine ovulation. These studies can only be assigned for other reasons. A routine pelvic ultrasound on the 5th day of the cycle you will need to do regularly every 3-6 months (depending on risk of recurrence) and it specifically needs to be done.

After General anesthesia and surgery, the body needs a long recovery and you need to eat well and take vitamins. It is advisable to consult a doctor, but you can choose any set of special multivitamins, it must contain folic acid. Taking vitamins can start at 3 months before «trying».

If you have any chronic diseases or you regularly take medications — you should consult a doctor and ask them to pick up analogue drugs, which is safe for pregnant women.

Fibroids may occur due to hormonal problems associated with being overweight. In this case it is important to lose weight, but it should be done very carefully, without dieting, fasting and strenuous exercise.

Most women think that a year is a lot. And if you can’t wait to become a mother, try to switch to gen, do some crafts (for example, learn to sew or knit), read about the psychology and development of children — and to a new stage of your life you will be ready not only physically, but also psychologically and emotionally.

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