How to create a Floriana with their hands

The Floriana is a mini-greenhouse, glass garden for houseplants. First this type of gardening began to engage in inventive Englishmen, in the early 19th century. They put not adapted to the cold climate is tropical plant in a closed container. Today Floriana is fashionable interior decoration of the apartment.


You will need

  • • glass container, with lid (jar, vase);
  • • soil, sand (depending on plants);
  • • drainage at the bottom of the tank (gravel, expanded clay);
  • • charcoal (charcoal, activated);
  • • plants;
  • • decorations (stones, shells, driftwood, branches, decorative houses, animal figurines, etc.);
  • • tools for planting (watering can, gloves, spatula, tweezers).


1. Typically, Floriana choose a container made of glass. It can be very diverse. For example: aquarium, glass jar, bottle, vase, glass large glass flask. Shape and size choose at your discretion.

2. If Your choice fell on the mini-garden with the lid closed, remember to ventilate to get rid of condensation. Plants that prefer humid climates, should be planted in closed and semi-closed vessels.

3. If You chose a container with an open top, then observe the temperature and avoid drafts.

4. There are many plants that are intended for filling mini-garden, which you can buy at a flower shop. Their size does not exceed 20 cm is Better to plant a slow-growing, dwarf plants.

5. Progress
Wash and dry the container. Put on the bottom of the drainage layer (3 cm).
Next, mix the disinfected soil with the charcoal and place the mixture on the drainage (6 cm). It will prevent rot and mold.

6. After that, dig a shovel hole in the ground and planted the plant. Pour the vegetation. Water for irrigation should be a little warm.
Place the elements inside a mini-greenhouse. Wipe the glass with a dry cloth inside and outside.

7. Wonderful mini-garden ready! It can be placed on the windowsill, on the table, on the floor, mounted on wall, embed in wall of the room, to the ceiling. All depends on Your imagination!

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