Than to fertilize strawberries in the spring

Strawberries are incredibly juicy and useful berry, which with great pleasure rides both adults and children. However, the fruits of strawberries were tasty and large, it is necessary to plant favorable conditions, do not forget to feed them in the spring before flowering.

Чем подкормить клубнику весной

If you planted strawberries a year ago, and in preparing the beds were made of organic fertilizer, then fertilize the strawberry plants in the spring, the plants will have enough nutrients already in the soil.

Than to fertilize strawberries in the spring: folk remedies

In most cases, strawberries for three years almost completely depletes the soil in which grow, and in this case, a rich harvest can be expected only when either the feeding of plants or transplanting them to new beds. As dressing takes less time and effort, most gardeners prefer it. If the strawberry more than three years, for a good harvest it is necessary to feed three times:

— when the first leaves;

— the appearance of buds;

— when the ovary berries themselves.

The most favourable time for the first feeding — mid-late April (depending on climate zone). You must first remove from beds debris: leaves, branches, and so on. Further around the seedlings (at the roots) to decompose the manure, mullein or chicken manure is very thin (so that through the dressing was visible to earth), then the top to cover fertilizer with soil (soil no more than a couple centimeters).

The second feeding should take place no later than mid-late may, as soon as the first flowers appear. For the second feeding, use ash and iodine: a glass ash pour boiling water over, strain and pour the resulting liquid with a bucket filled with warm water (10 liters). Add in water 30 drops of iodine and pour every Bush strawberry 500-700 ml of the mixture.

The third feeding, as mentioned above, you need to spend in front of the ovary berries. The best in this period is spraying in the form of infusion of weeds. It is as follows: propolice the beds, the weeds, chop and fill their bucket. Pour water and allow to steep for a week in a warm room. Strain the mixture, dilute with water 1:1 and pour over the strawberries under the root in the calculation litre per Bush. Some gardeners to this dressing add the yeast (200 g per 10 liters of mixture), however, this is not worth. The fact is that special result on the growth of the berries of the yeast you will not see, but the rocky soil would do.

Than to fertilize strawberries in the spring without chemistry

If you don’t want to use as feed purchase drugs, use either chicken manure (it is desirable to use only in early spring), manure, mullein, or infusions of weeds all of which nettle. Two-year bushes is enough dressing in the form of ash (a glass of dry ash at the root of each Bush), three to four require more abundant food: humus, mixed with sawdust, shredded pine bark, compost, etc.

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