What is the difference between compost from compost

Most gardeners now understand that environmentally friendly products can be obtained only with organic fertilizing. But many are confused about the terms: «compost», «humus». What is it? What is the difference? How to make your own?

Компост и перегной - лучшие органические удобрения



Humus is humus (or rather decomposed) manure is an excellent organic fertilizer, for centuries used by farmers to improve the yield of almost all crops.

Перегной не должен иметь запаха аммиака

Quality compost is a crumbly brown mass, light and uniform, no smell of ammonia. He smells of the forest floor, spring earth, not manure. If humus (particularly from chicken manure) smell of ammonia means it has not ripened.

Usually, to obtain good compost takes 2 to 5 years. It all depends on the quality lay in the pile of manure, conditions of storage. If manure pereseivat peat, earth, sawdust, pregnelone is accelerated and the quality of fertilizers on the yield much better. Accelerates the maturation of organic matter dark film, thrown over the heap, which allows it to retain moisture and retain heat necessary for vital functions of bacteria.

Humus — a wonderful organic fertilizing! It is perfect for fertilizer for almost all crops (except rhododendrons, blueberries, heathers, desert cacti). It is used on sandy soil (it holds moisture well), and clay ( fine loosens them). Add rotted manure in the planting pits, are used as the main fertilizer by digging, and also as a mulch for fruit crops, vegetables and flowers.


Compost — organic matter resulting from the decomposition of various plant residues, and stored in boxes or clamps. It looks like humus, a dark crumbly mass, often with inclusions of non-composted twigs or bark, with a weak pleasant smell of fresh earth.

Компост - перегнившие растительные остатки на даче

Typically, the composition for the preparation of compost included almost the entire organic matter existing on the land — weeds, mowed lawn grass, kitchen cleaning, plant vegetables, thin branches. Compost is of higher quality and ripens earlier if layers (not more than 10 cm tall) alternate wet with dry, and pereseivat peat, garden soil, phosphate flour. Well, if peresleni to use manure and bird droppings — this substrate will be a great fertilizer.

Usually the Mature compost can be obtained in 2 years after laying, but with modern accelerators composting or aeration of the compost pile accelerating the process of one season.

Making compost is similar to humus is used. The qualities of these two fertilizers is in many ways similar — they improve soil structure and supply plant nutrients. However, if most of site owners to get the humus or to do it themselves is very problematic, to make compost — easy enough.



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