How to survive a breakup with a loved one?

Как пережить расставание с любимым человеком?

The question of how to overcome the separation from a loved one (and accompanying stress) is more serious than people imagine, confronted with such a situation. To resolve this issue with the least damage helps psychologists.

Tips on how to survive infidelity and separation from loved man

The gap is especially severe if it is accompanied by treason. Betrayal from a loved one causes a great damage to the psyche of the one who was betrayed. And very often to cope with the effects of stress is impossible – required counseling psychological help.

Immediately after leaving the abandoned person is experiencing a range of negative emotions, his attitude is completely destroyed. Particularly hard to survive such a situation women, who are often long strip of bleak depression. This state is characterized by a sharp drop in self-esteem, introspective, guilt, and insomnia, loss of appetite, poor memory and attention etc.

The advice of psychologists on how to survive the separation from a loved one

A cocktail of emotions after breaking up with a loved one includes sadness, heartache, frustration, apathy, depression. And the more emotional the person, the weaker his nervous system, the more severe will be the consequences of these experiences.

To understand why suffering parting with the beloved person are so great, you should learn the psychophysiology of love. In a period of strong affections, the body releases large quantities of serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. These hormones form a heightened emotional state in the presence of the object of passion of love a person feels an elation of mood, the brightness of life. To break the relationship at this point is tantamount to deprivation of the dose for an addict.

Lasts «love is dopamine» about three years, and one of beloved it can end earlier, and then it often becomes the initiator of parting. And the first thing you need to understand the forsaken that broke up with him not because he got worse, but because the feeling of euphoria dopamine in his presence no longer appears.

In the case of deal usually shows two. The first is the complex of aggression – is characterized by bitterness, desire for revenge. The second victim complex – can be identified by apathy, boredom, depression. But in the first and in the second case people are wondering – how to survive loneliness after breaking up.

Psychologists advise in the case of parting immediately start to take certain steps to facilitate mental state. First, it is necessary to vent the emotions that otherwise would be «to eat» from the inside. If the aggressive mindset you can beat a pillow, a punching bag, to make a run to exhaustion or work out at the gym. If you want to yell or cry, you also need to hear your body and to throw out the negative thus.

Как пережить расставание с любимым человеком?

After the outburst usually comes the exhaustion. At this point it is advisable to relax and «fill» yourself with positive emotions. This will help the meditation session that will relieve stress and body, and psyche.

Then can come the mental pain from which you cannot escape. Get rid of the pain helps a psychological technique: it is necessary to take a sheet of paper, as more colorful and brighter to draw their pain, and then to destroy her in any way. This technique may have to be repeated more than once, but it is very effective.

The last step is finding the lost meaning and flavor to life. You need to bring all their imagination and to find an interesting occupation, hobby, do sports, to travel, to meet new people, and possibly find new love.


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