How to behave in conflict situation?

Как вести себя в конфликтной ситуации?

To resolve the dispute and know how to behave in a conflict situation, it is necessary to choose model of behaviour that is appropriate under a certain situation. Methods of exit from conflict, there are several, each of which brings some benefit for the participants.

Tactics of behavior in conflict situations

Many people do not know how to behave in a conflict situation. According to experts, the conflict is easier to prevent at an early stage. For example, if early in the discussion, the person began to behave not absolutely adequately to raise his voice, changed his tone, appeared «notes» of rudeness and unfounded claims, you should calm down and allow your opponent to speak. As a rule, to remain calm in conflict situations is difficult. But it must be done to the man tuckered out, and you can understand his displeasure for the preparation of arguments that will break the opponent’s position. In addition, it is important to understand the necessity of it. After all, if a person is a «rival» is a close friend or relative, reckless behavior in conflict situations can lead to resentment, which will cause damaged relations.

There are situations when a person engages in a conflict the source, expecting a similar reaction. In this case, arguing about how to get out of a conflict situation should take this into account and to respond to an opponent with calmness and a smile. Also you can try to fix the situation with the help of jokes, but only in moderation. In addition, it is important to understand the other person’s interest in the peaceful resolution of the issue.

There are almost no families that do not know what the quarrel. Very annoying when there is a conflict with a loved one. Psychologists have found a number of reasons that happen in a family quarrel:

  • The lack of respect for each other. Themselves, not noticing the partners insult and humiliate each other. So, it becomes lack of trust. Hence groundless jealousy and scandals.
  • The lack of romance in the relationship. After a time disappears flirting and mystery. And appears drab and boring life.
  • Unjustified expectation of the submissions from family life.
  • The lack of attention, tenderness, care and understanding.
  • Excessive demands of the spouses to each other.
  • If in the family there is a quarrel, you should try to translate it into an argument. It is impossible to pass insults on personalities. Because then, the main goal is to humiliate the partner. In this fight there will be winners. You should try to speak out, and not hoard it all to myself. According to psychologists, those spouses who are honest with each other, much happier than those who are silent.

    The strategy of conflict resolution

    Once in a conflict situation, you must understand that the chosen strategy of its resolution, depends on the outcome of the conflict. The most positive strategy is to compromise and consensus. A compromise implies mutual concessions of the parties, and consensus – mutual win. To achieve the second option, Как вести себя в конфликтной ситуации?should prefer cooperation, even in very difficult issues.

    To resolve a conflict situation can taking a break, as difficult as it might seem at first glance. In addition, it is impossible to convince the opponent of the falsity of his opinions. You must understand that every person will try to prove the truth and don’t want to hear other versions and arguments. During the discussion, sometimes it is better to let the person stay in his or her opinion.

    In real life to avoid conflict can be fairly rare. This should be taken and if any problems, try to find the right way out of such phenomena.


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