What not to eat when losing weight?

Что нельзя есть при похудении?

If you want to lose weight and for this purpose decided to limit themselves in food, we hasten to please you, the list of things that absolutely can not have with weight loss is not as great as it seems at first glance. So with a healthy diet, you can eat not only tasty, but also diverse. But not to be unfounded, let’s see what the products should not be included in the menu and why.

What not to eat when losing weight?

Let’s start with a list of those products, which is better in principle to give up. On sanctions, of course, are, first of all, those things are called fast food. You should not eat chips, burgers, cheeseburgers, a variety of snacks, e.g., crackers, dried squid and other snacks that many people love to drink beer.

Also it is better to refrain from confectionery products, and it is not only about cakes and cakes, but chocolates, biscuits, and even sweet butter rolls. Of course, if she has no strength to resist, you can afford to 1 day a week to eat a small treat, such as candy or profiterole, but still it’s more sensible not to.

What is not often are subject to weight loss diet?

Now we list which products should appear on the table in literally 1-2 times a week. The list, of course, led by pork and lard, which contain too much fat. Of course, if every 5-7 days the person will allow themselves 10 to 20 g of fat, or eat a pork chop, a disaster will not occur, but such every day products should not be used.

The second number in the list is butter, the maximum rate of its consumption is only 5-10 g / day, i.e. you can afford to eat a piece of grain or bran bread smeared them, but not anymore. Forgo this product is that it contains fats necessary for the person.

Finally, the third place of honor is occupied by various products that contain large amounts of carbohydrates, that is loved by many pasta have to eat less often. To understand what carbohydrate foods not to eat when losing weight, and accidentally buy them, always look at the packaging of the goods, if the product has practically no protein, but it contains a large amount of carbohydrates and fats, it may be wiser not to buy it. In the case when a lot of carbohydrates and protein and almost no fat, for example, different cereals, eat the product, but not for dinner.

What vegetables not to eat when losing weight?

This list is negligible, nutritionists agree that it is possible to limit only the consumption of potatoes, and then, only if it is fried. According to recent studies, Что нельзя есть при похудении?roasted without oil or boiled the tubers can afford to eat for lunch, harm from it will not. Just try to make the portion of potatoes was equal to about 100 g, and more, and everything will be fine.

As a small list of what fruits not to eat when losing weight. Should limit eating bananas 1 piece of 3-4 days, and not too often to eat a grape. Other fruits to include in the menu is not only possible, but necessary, because they contain a lot of vitamins.

Recent studies in nutrition have proven that we cannot completely exclude any product from the diet, if only we are not talking about the already mentioned fast food, it is better not to eat anyone. Each product contains certain substances necessary for normal functioning of our body, so it is possible to limit consumption of energy-dense foods, but not to remove them from the diet completely as it is recommended to do earlier.


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