Can I drink tea during the fast?

Можно ли пить чай в пост?

Lent is a special time in the life of every believer. It is a period when you need to stick to strict eating habits, give up bad food and not only habits, to devote time to spiritual purification and self-improvement. Rules on how fast, there is quite a lot. And worldly people don’t always know what products can be included in a lean diet and which are not. For example, many people are interested in the question of whether to drink tea in the post. If he were to refuse this tonic drink many simply can not. Because lent lasts about six weeks and it is very difficult not to disturb him, giving at least a little slack, even if it is the most common hot beverage.

The use of tea in the post to drink or not?

According to Church Canon, the Lenten food must not contain animal fats and can be of animal origin. Therefore, in this period it is desirable to exclude from your daily menu fish, meat, butter, milk, etc. products. There are also a number of restrictions on drinks. In particular, prohibited milk-based beverages, spirits and cocktails based on it. However, for tea this prohibition does not apply. It is a simple infusion of the leaves of shrub plants, and nothing to do with animal foods has not.

Moreover, drinking tea while fasting is even recommended. This drink contains a huge number of biologically active substances and vitamins. And their benefits will be felt by the body even more than usual, because part of the nutrients we lose from-for restrictions of diet. So, rich and thick Puer tea has a cleansing effect and helps to preserve the feeling of satiety after ingestion of low-calorie lean food. Green tea improves metabolism, which may be violated due to the change in the usual menu. Fruit and herbal teas saturate the cells with antioxidants and allow you to keep fit.

The most controversy is perhaps the possibility of having tea in the days of dry foods, when the products cannot be subjected to heat treatment. And can be eaten only fresh vegetables and fruits, previously baked bread, nuts, sauerkraut, etc. However, tea, unlike coffee, which is brewed, does not belong to prohibited categories products. It is considered to be infusion — the leaves are filled with hot water after it is boiling. Therefore, even in the days of dry foods tea you can safely drink.

Can I drink tea on the first day of fasting?

Quite often believers ask, not only whether it is possible to drink tea while fasting, but also about whether it is permissible to use this drink at the beginning of the retreat. Because, as you know, the first week of lent, and thus the first day, the most stringent. Of course, if you have willpower and health, it at this time is to arrange a fasting day and choose to drink plain water. However, the ban on the use of tea these days is not canonical, which means you can afford a Cup of this hot beverage without risking to break the fast.

What you can drink tea during lent?

Можно ли пить чай в пост?

Another important issue that worth a mention — you can post in to drink tea with sugar or other sweets. Here too there are nuances.

  • To drink tea with sugar, honey or artificial sweetener.
  • But the amount of sweet tea should be limited to 1-2 cups a day, to pamper yourself. Otherwise defeats the purpose of fasting.
  • Lenten sweets are considered such as dried fruit, candied nuts, peanut brittle from sunflower seeds, baking without butter and milk, jam, marmalade on the basis of agar-agar.

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