Fit-ball aerobics for weight loss

Занятия на фитболе для похудения

The exercise ball was originally invented for rehabilitation after injuries of the spine, but today it is used for carrying out different workouts. Very popular classes on fitball slimming, ideal for home use. The effectiveness of such training due to increased load, and this is due to the fact that a person must additionally keep a balance. Exercises help to pump all the main muscle that allows you to create a beautiful silhouette.

The complex of exercises on the fitball

Before considering the method of the popular exercise, it is important to choose the right size of ball. To do this you must sit on an exercise ball and see if your hips parallel with the floor, and the Shin should be perpendicular to it. Before moving on to the exercises make a workout to warm up muscles. Each exercise is best repeated in several approaches, making for 15-20 reps.

Training on the ball fitball can include these exercises:

  • Backward twisting. This exercise gives a good workout on the abdominal muscles, arms, legs and buttocks. IE – put hands on floor and feet on a ball to the emphasis had on socks. Keep your back straight without deflection. It is important to keep a balance. Task – lift up the buttocks, making twisting, poditive fitball hands. It is important to do everything only through the efforts of the press. Try to curl up so that his back was almost perpendicular to the floor. Hold for several seconds and then go back to the SP.
  • Занятия на фитболе для похудения

  • Elevation of the legs in a side plank. In fit-ball aerobics girls, you must include this exercise because it gives the main load to the leg muscles, but other muscles are in tension. SP – lie sideways on the ball, clasping his hands to retain balance. It is important that the body was in an upright position and not flopped over in different directions. Task – inhaling, lift the upper leg to parallel with the floor, and then lower it down.
  • Занятия на фитболе для похудения

  • Side twisting. The lessons should include exercises on a fitball for abs. IP – foot put on the ball, but the knees should be on weight, and the hands rest against the floor. The task is to do some leg raises himself, directing them in one direction. In this exercise, your upper body should be still. Then go back into IE and repeat in the other direction. Do everything at a slow pace to feel the muscles work.
  • Занятия на фитболе для похудения


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