Exercises for posture at home

Упражнения для осанки в домашних условиях

Beautiful posture is an ornament for women, but to boast of it. All because of frequent sitting in incorrect posture, excessive use of the feet etc. There are specific exercises to improve posture at home, which will allow to achieve good results. With regular performance, you can correct existing problems and to strengthen the back muscles. In addition, improves the condition of abdominal muscles and hands, and the muscle tone is normalized. Besides the habit to hold the correct posture.

The complex of exercises for posture

For a start I would like to consider some guidelines for maintaining correct positioning of the spine. First, this applies to excess weight, which load the spine. Secondly, under strong curvatures, it is recommended to use additional concealer. Third, keep your back straight while sitting and walking.

Before considering the technique to perform certain exercises to improve posture, we need to discuss some rules. To get a good result, to hold classes 3-4 times a week. The physical therapy course lasts 2 months., and then, there is a break in 1 month. To repeat the program can be up to four times a year. You should not perform the same exercises as their effectiveness diminishes, and to obtain the desired result will not succeed. Repeat each exercise for 15-20 times.

Exercises for correct posture at home:

  • «The cat». This exercise is best done at the beginning of the workout to properly warm up your muscles. Entrepreneur – position yourself on all fours with your feet and hands shoulder width apart. Task – exhale, ignites in the back, directing head and eyes down. It is recommended to increase the pelvis forward. On the inhale you need to cave in the back. In each situation it is important to feel the muscle stretch.
  • Упражнения для осанки в домашних условиях

  • «The crossroads». This exercise is to posture at home also helps to keep the balance and it stretches the lower back muscles. SP is identical to the first exercise. It is important to set the palms right under the shoulders. The voltage must be abs and back muscles. Task – simultaneously raise your right arm and opposite leg. It is important to try to keep them on the same level. Hold the position for 5 sec., and then, go back into IE and do the same in the other direction.
  • Упражнения для осанки в домашних условиях

  • «Boat». This exercise is difficult, but it is quite effective. Entrepreneur – position yourself on your stomach, hands outstretched in front of him. Task – simultaneously lift legs, arms and upper body. As a result, the body looks like a boat. Hold for as long as possible in this position, then relax and repeat.
  • Упражнения для осанки в домашних условиях

  • Breeding dumbbells in the slope. The complex is to include exercise with dumbbells for your posture, as it permits you to pump the muscles, which is important to maintain back in flat position. SP – stand with your feet at shoulder level. In the straightened hands hold the dumbbells in front of him. Task for four counts raise arms to the side, reaching about parallel with the floor with a little bend in the elbows. Then go back to the SP.
  • Упражнения для осанки в домашних условиях

  • Push-UPS against a wall. This exercise is effective for pumping the back muscles. Push-UPS against a wall are the most simple, but if physical training, you can do push-UPS and floor. Stand near the wall and rest in her hands. Keep legs straight, the emphasis should fall on the toes. Move the chest to the wall, bending your elbows and keeping them near the body. It is important to keep your back straight.
  • Упражнения для осанки в домашних условиях


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