How to choose a fitball?

Как выбрать фитбол?

Knowing how to choose an exercise ball is a popular exercise ball for weight loss, you can achieve greater efficiency from their training — to improve coordination, remove fat from the problem areas and make the body more slender.

What you need to know about the fitball?

Thinking about how to choose a fitball, you should know that it needs to be equipped with special security system, so if you accidentally damage an exercise ball exploded, and began to slowly release the air.

Use a fitball need on a smooth surface to avoid punctures or cuts. But, if you still can not avoid mechanical damage, it is necessary to reconstruct it using a special glue from the manufacturer, then you can deal with him again. Keep fitball need in the inflated state and away from heating appliances and direct sunlight.

Before thinking how to choose a fitball, you need to know what they are. So, for children and pregnant women will fit balls with special handles-holders, which allow a more confident and safe. In addition, the fitball can be smooth or touch (with hard spikes). First designed for expectant mothers and infants, and the second — for sports, relaxation and massage.

The choice of exercise ball

Fitball — orthopedic gymnastic ball with a diameter of from 45 to 95 centimeters. The choice of exercise ball size is important, as it plays a big role in the effectiveness of the practice. The main criterion in this case is the angle between the leg and thigh of a seated person, it needs to be in the range of 95-110 degrees.

To determine the size, you need to sit on the ball, straighten your back, lock on it with hands behind and feet placed shoulder width apart, place the feet parallel to each other. The angle between the torso and the thigh, the leg and thigh, tibia and foot, should be straight. In the formation of an acute angle should not engage on the ball to avoid health problems. To choose a fitball by weight is not difficult, as this indicator is not fundamental. Maximum user weight should not exceed 130 pounds. For many, choosing an exercise ball, pay attention to its color. In this case, the fitball to choose, everyone decides for himself, depending on individual preferences.

It is also worth noting that the cost of the ball is influenced by the dimensions, design features, brand and equipment.

Как выбрать фитбол?
Как выбрать фитбол?  

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