Dukan diet Attack menu for 7 days

Дюкан - диета «Атака» – меню на 7 дней

For the past few years at the peak of popularity is the Dukan diet because it allows to obtain good results. This weight loss technique forces the individual to reconsider their eating habits. There are several stages to this diet that have different principles.

The basis for the approximate menu of the first phase of the Dukan diet «Attack»

The first stage is the most important because it allows you to go on a proper diet and force the body to begin to lose weight. Before you consider a rough menu for the week by Dukan phase «Attack», it is important to understand the basic principles of this technique of weight loss:

  • The more extra pounds, the less the diet should be carbohydrates, but proteins should be more. It is due to the restriction of carbohydrates the body begins to use stored fats.
  • It is important to properly prepare the food, what can I use popular in recent years the slow cooker. Even the products can be steamed, boiled or stew.
  • It is recommended to use different spices, including acute, because they contribute to the acceleration of metabolism.
  • The duration of the phase of «Attack» depends on how much a person has extra pounds. If excess weight less than 20 kg, then this period should last 3-5 days. When there is 20-30 kg, then «Attack» should last 5-7 days. If weight more than 30 kg, then the first phase should last for 5-10 days.
  • Great importance is the water balance, so you need to drink throughout the day up to three liters of water.
  • It is important not only to comply with menu for 7 days in the phase «Attack» by Dukan and exercise, because only this allows us to achieve good results. Allowed to replace meals, but they should be similar.

    Menu for 7 days the Dukan diet on the phase of «Attack»

    First day:

    • Breakfast: three fried eggs and two slices of boiled fillet;
    • snack: low-fat cottage cheese;
    • lunch: fish soup with pellet diet;
    • snack: cottage cheese pie;
    • dinner: filet, baked with garlic.

    Second day sample menu for Dukan diet phase «Attack»:

    • Breakfast: pancake from curd with adding bran and a slice of ham;
    • snack: crab sticks;
    • lunch: braised beef with spicy sauce;
    • snack: natural yogurt;
    • dinner: baked red fish with herbs.

    The third day sample menu for phase «Attack» by Dukan:

    • Breakfast: omelet of three proteins and yolk with a slice of salted salmon;
    • snack: a slice of cheesecake;
    • lunch: soup with chicken and boiled eggs;
    • snack: diet pancakes with cinnamon;
    • dinner: julienne with seafood.

    The fourth day:

    • Breakfast: porridge with vanilla and bran, and eggnog;
    • snack: couple of slices cream cheese and ham;
    • lunch: casserole made with chicken;
    • snack: cottage cheese and yogurt;
    • dinner: veal stew with mayonnaise on Dukan recipe.

    Fifth day:

    • Breakfast: in the third day;
    • snack: yogurt with added bran;
    • lunch: fish soup;
    • snack: hard-boiled eggs with mayonnaise dietary;
    • dinner: meatballs chicken in the oven.

    The sixth day:

    • Breakfast: eggs, runny yolk and two pieces of the chips from the meat;
    • snacking: as the second day;
    • lunch: baked chicken;
    • snack: cottage cheese with added bran and yogurt;
    • dinner: salad with seafood and diet tortillas.

    The seventh day:

    • Breakfast: crispbread with cream cheese and ham;
    • snack: low fat yogurt;
    • lunch: fish soup and steak poultry;
    • snack: cupcake with added bran and berries.
    • dinner: chicken curry.

    Remember, this is only an exemplary menu that can be modified, but only proteins replace the proteins and not carbohydrates, etc.

    Дюкан - диета «Атака» – меню на 7 дней  

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