Diet «6 petals» are on the menu every day

Диета «6 лепестков» – меню на каждый день

Diet «6 petals» is popular because, according to many users, it is efficient. It is based on the alternation of protein and carbohydrate days. Includes 6 petal diet from separate mono-diet, which come one after another. Due to the fact that the menu is not too modest and not repeated to sustain such a diet simple.

Framework and menu of mono-diet «6 petals»

The developers of this method of weight loss claim that per day you will lose approximately 0.5 kg, which is a great result. No need to count calories and eat according to the clock.

The rules and features of the mono-diet «6 petals»:

  • Days cannot be reordered, since the desired result can not be achieved.
  • May eat after six in the evening, the main thing is to follow the diet and not to replace meals.
  • Menu for each day diet «6 petals» includes three main meals and two snack. It is important to distribute them all to sit at the table at equal intervals of time.
  • Out of the diet should be gradually, otherwise there is a high risk return throw pounds back, and maybe even more.
  • Of all diet you can lose up to five pounds, but it all depends on the original weight.
  • It is important to note that the menu of mono weight loss diet «6 petals» is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women. You cannot use it if you have problems with the digestive system.
  • Another useful tip is to simplify your task and get some support, it is recommended to make a flower as a hint, write on each petal, any day now. Plucking the petal, you can monitor your progress.

    Диета «6 лепестков» – меню на каждый день

    Menu diet «6 petals» on each day:

    Day # 1 – Fishing. There are better and diet, and fatty fish. The number used should not be more than 0.5 kg. Fish can be baked, boiled, broiled and steamed. Is allowed salt, spices and herbs, and also tea without sugar. At different meals fish should be prepared so:

    • Breakfast – boiled;
    • snack – bake;
    • lunch – fish soup without vegetables;
    • snack – a couple;
    • dinner – boiled.

    Day №2 – A Vegetable. During this day allowed to eat more than 1.5 kg of vegetables. You can drink tea and juice from vegetables. The menu looks like this:

    • Breakfast – salad of fresh vegetables, and you can fill with lemon juice;
    • snack – boiled potatoes with herbs, but without oil;
    • lunch – vegetable broth;
    • snack – steamed vegetables;
    • dinner – steamed vegetables.

    Day # 3 – Chicken. On this day you can eat fillet in an amount of 0.5 kg. of meat is important to remove the fat and skin. You cannot roast and use for cooking oil. You can drink tea without sugar. For different meals chicken prepared in different ways:

    • Breakfast – boiled;
    • snack – baked;
    • lunch – chicken broth with herbs;
    • the snack is fried on the grill;
    • dinner – boiled.

    Day # 4 – Cereal. Per day, you can eat more than 200 grams of cereal in dry form. You can drink tea and natural brew. The menu looks like this:

    • Breakfast – oatmeal on the water;
    • snack – buckwheat with herbs;
    • lunch – rice;
    • snack – wheat cereals;
    • dinner – buckwheat with spices.

    Day # 5 – Cottage Cheese. In this day allowed granular curd, soy cheese, feta, cheese, for example, «Fitness», and milk yoghurt with no fillers. It is important to say that products should be low-fat. The menu looks like this:

    • Breakfast – cottage cheese;
    • snack – cottage cheese and 2 tablespoons of yogurt;
    • lunch – cottage cheese and 1 tbsp milk;
    • snack – cottage cheese;
    • dinner – cottage cheese with milk.

    Day 6 – Fruity. In this day you can eat 1.5 kg of fruit and 200 g of berries. You can drink juices, juice and herbal tea.

    • Breakfast – baked two Apple green;
    • snack – strawberries or cherries;
    • lunch – kiwi fruit and pineapple;
    • snack – three plums and orange;
    • dinner – baked pear.

    Диета «6 лепестков» – меню на каждый день  

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