Make a magic wand from Hogwarts

«Inside each wand is a powerful magical substance, Mr. Potter — explained the old man, carrying out his measurements. This may be the coat of the unicorn, a feather from the tail of the Phoenix or the dried heart of a dragon. Each stick firm, «Ollivander» individual, no two alike, as no two are exactly like unicorns, dragons or phoenixes. And of course, you will never achieve good results if will use someone else’s wand.» («Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone» Rowling, Joanne Kathleen)

Делаем волшебную палочку из Хогвардса

You will need

  • — wood wand: beech, maple, ebony, Holly;
  • — energy substance: the coat of the unicorn, a feather from the tail of the Phoenix, the dried heart of a dragon;
  • — hacksaw (jigsaw);
  • — coarse sandpaper;
  • — samouchitelya mass for molding (arts and PVA glue, the weight for paper mache);
  • -lacquer art;
  • — acrylic paint (optional);
  • — drill and thin drill bit.


1. Magical properties of trees are as follows: beech gives the knowledge and power connects the knowledge of the past and the future, and increase concentration; pine gives peace of mind and wisdom; the maple softens negative energy, aggression, brings peace; the oak increases strength; Holly (Ilex) gives courage, protects from dark forces; ebony (black wood) multiplies the force, the energy of its owner; ash has protective properties, protects the wearer from harm and negative energies; heals birch; hazel symbolizes justice; elm will help only the strong-willed man, does not tolerate women and weak men.

2. Choose a tree with magical properties which we like best. Now we need to find a suitable wand. You can use only those sticks that are lying under the tree on earth, the living branches do not need to break the pity, for they will not fit. Looking for a flat stick with a length of about 30 centimeters.

3. With a hacksaw (jigsaw) will align the ends of the sticks. Using sandpaper will fix these ends and the entire surface of the sticks.

4. Using screwdriver drill from one end of the stick hole.

5. Since in our latitudes there are no dragons, Phoenix and unicorns, energy substance will be made of pieces of wood resin red color, which will replace the dragon’s heart, the bird’s feathers (e.g. feather of a dove or a parrot), as a substitute of a feather of the Phoenix, a few threads of white wool instead of a unicorn. After all, what’s the difference — kids will still enjoy it. In holes place the selected substance and energy zakonopatit samootverjennaya mass for molding, glue mixed with arts or weight for paper mache. Wait until it is dry.

6. Using a thin brush to paint, if desired, to the surface of a magic wand or secret signs ancient spells. When the paint dries, cover the surface with varnish.

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