Definition of early pregnancy

When a woman really wants or, conversely, does not want the pregnancy, her are concerned about how to determine pregnancy in the early stages?

Определение беременности на ранних сроках


1. The most reliable way of determining early pregnancy is a blood test for HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), the so — called pregnancy hormone. The analysis is carried out laboratory and detects pregnancy earlier than home pregnancy tests.

2. One of the early signs of pregnancy — dragging pain in the abdomen, due preparation of the uterus for childbearing, the attachment of the ovum to the can wall. This symptom is easily confused with similar feelings in the period prior to the onset of menses.

3. The same signs are: mood swings, increased appetite, dizziness, breast swelling, increased breast sensitivity, morning sickness and changing food preferences. These early signs of pregnancy is controversial, as it may indicate hormonal disorders, diseases of the digestive system, fatigue, etc.

4. Also, the woman may note that the veins on the chest, the upper part of the chest became more pronounced. This is because from the first days of pregnancy gradually increases the volume of blood in the female body.

5. To determine pregnancy in the early stages by using home remedies: tinctures of iodine and baking soda.
These tests can detect characteristics of power women, as well as some kidney diseases that result in a change of acidity of urine. These can be in the form of entertainment, but to trust them one hundred percent not worth it.

6. Among the popular methods of determining pregnancy very popular also enjoys the interpretation of dreams. So, it is believed that the woman is pregnant in that case if he sees in his dreams the fish. The fish with women’s names point to the conception of girls, fish with men’s titles, respectively, talk about the conception of a boy.

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