How to determine which toy is inside the egg, Kinder surprise, without opening it

Buy chocolate eggs Kinder surprise is always a lottery, you never know which toy is inside. Often the content does not meet expectations, and it might upset the child, and adult too. In trying to solve the mystery of Kinder surprise resourceful citizens have developed several ways to understand approximately at least, what hidden inside the egg.

Есть несколько способов определить, что находится внутри яйца Kinder surprise

The appearance of the wrapper gives insight into the series. On the foil can be drawn of Disney Princess, Masha and the Bear, kitty and other characters. Buying an egg with the appropriate wrapper, there is a chance to get the figure from the main collection.

But, alas, do not often come across what you would like. Therefore, when choosing eggs, you can use the following tricks.

To check the egg weight. Method working, but without instruments it is difficult to determine the exact weight of the eggs because the toys in Kinder surprise differ by only a few grams. Lucky for those who has the scales with the scale to tenths of a gram. You can come with them to the store and weigh the eggs. Most often the Kinder surprises weighing more than 30 g contains a collectible figure, and light puzzles or designer.

A fairly accurate way to determine what’s inside the egg and shake it to hear the sound. Solid figures almost not emit sounds. Usually they are tightly pressed against the paper sheets to the walls of the plastic container inside the egg. The designer will be a dull sound.

Probably the most reliable way to determine the contents of the Kinder surprise will be reading the marking. On the wrapping foil from the back side of the egg near the date of manufacture is code – combination of letters and numbers. Usually two letters mean that are hidden inside the toy. For example, the code «HK» ensures that you find a toy from the series «Hello Kitty». The marking of three letters means that the egg designer or other toys are not included in this series.

Practice shows that the latter method of solving a mystery Kinder surprise doesn’t always work, so for exact hit you need to use all kinds of tricks.

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