As from inactivity manifested hostility to himself and how to fight it

When we want to do nothing with us, nothing good happens and no development also occurs. You can achieve something more through trial and error, just acting.


We always wonder how to be smarter, stronger, prettier, more successful, richer and so on. But sometimes not doing anything for this. Then, begin to silently hate their lives and blame everyone else, but not themselves. Then we begin to believe that the people around us too much with us. They are too demanding of us. What if they are able to perceive us for who we are, even without any of our actions towards them and for the common good. Maybe he should think about what their expectations are justified. They already perceive us as a person and really expect us something more on what we are truly capable of, if we constantly evolve and not to sit still. This thought can serve as a good motivation.

You need to realize themselves at full capacity. But we are afraid that the results of our efforts will not satisfy others, that they will still be unhappy, subjected us to criticism. Often we throw started half way, not realizing that the very process is a result for which we all started. And he may not be perfect but it is justified spending forces and energy. We ourselves then more begin to respect. Our work has the right to criticize anyone, but the us is not worse, but only better. There’s a place to grow, to improve. The main thing is to act, to believe in themselves and to plan the result.

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