How to download videos from YouTube to your computer

The video hosting “YouTube” (YouTube) is one of the most popular in the world. The ability to download videos from YouTube to your computer initially, the site does not provide. However, this can be done with the help of some online portals and specialized programs.

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1. If you find an interesting video on a video hosting “YouTube” and wondered about how to download videos from YouTube to your computer, but did not find a special button under any content, do not despair.

2. To become an owner of a clip, you can use a special app. These include VideoGet, DownloadMaster, USDownloader and others. Download the program for free from the developers ‘ websites. Using them is also fairly easy. To download videos to your computer, just click on the download button of a file, previously inserting a special string a link from the site The saved file can be used at your discretion, but keep in mind that you cannot violate the rights of its author.

3. Download video from YouTube to computer without software installation. First, they take up too much space on the hard disk. Secondly, installation of such applications from third-party sites can be dangerous due to falling from the archive into the system of viruses and spyware. Thirdly, search, download, settings take time. It’s so much easier to use browser extension that allows you to download videos from website like YouTube or one of many Internet services.

4. The first is, for example, To install an add-on to download videos from YouTube without programs that need to open browser settings and select the menu item, through which the plugins are loaded. In Opera, for example, it is called “Upload extensions”. Using search should find the plugin to download files from YouTube in the window to enter the words “Youtube”. One of the add-in to transfer video is called “Youtube Downloader”. After adding it in the add-ins browser will need to download the video files.

5. When you select plug-ins it is better to rely on the ratings and reviews left by users, as well as a description of the add-in. After installing the extension under the video on the website will see the button “download”.

6. The second way to download videos from YouTube to your computer without the use of the software is to use specialized sites. It is very convenient to use To copy video only need to copy the link address on YouTube and paste in the special field. adding to it the letters ss and a point. When you save the file you can select the permission, and the folder in which in future will be video.

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