Low calorie oatmeal diet

While compliance with oatmeal diet your diet can include foods such as oatmeal, raw fruits and various vegetables, berries, nuts, floral honey, dried fruit and kefir with fat content of not more than 1%. This diet has a sparing mode.

Низкокалорийная овсяная диета

As in any other diet is recommended by experts to drink at least six liters of water.water and green tea is used to eating. After eating, wait at least half an hour before you consume liquid. During the stay on the diet you can not eat the following foods: bananas, persimmons, potatoes and grapes. Also the use of sugar and salt are prohibited. Oatmeal is prepared during the diet, only water and without using oils.

Oatmeal diet can be of several variants. The first kind is the mono – diet. Stick to no more than five days. This is the fastest in terms of result, the way to reduce the weight and volume of the body. The diet during this period consists only of oatmeal. Power schedule consists of five meals. The volume of a portion not more than a quarter of a kilogram. The loss can be up to five pounds, but you should understand that these five kilograms kilograms 2-3 is a liquid. This diet need to stick to no more than 1 time in six months. Like any mono diet is not a panacea and not the best option, since the regime very hard, and not everyone will be able to sustain this diet.

The second type of oatmeal diet involves connecting to oatmeal fruit. Instead of sugar and honey in this diet included fruits and dried fruits. The meal runs every three hours to prevent the decrease of glucose level in the blood. If, very hard to stick to your diet, you can add maloprocentnogo cream, nuts and a little honey. The amount of servings should be equal to 250-350 g along with additions of fruit, nuts, dried fruits. Porridge is not necessary to flavor the fruit. In this diet you can three times a day, there are only porridge and other techniques fruit.

To follow this diet easier, it is more gentle, and stick to this diet can to two weeks. Weight loss can range from five to ten pounds.

The third diet option is oatmeal and vegetables. This diet is similar diet on the oatmeal flakes and the fruits, only the fruits are replaced by vegetables. Eggplant, cucumbers, ripe tomatoes, sweet peppers and courgettes, asparagus and greens. Vegetables prepared in the oven (baking) or for a couple. The use of oils is not allowed since it is a violation diet menu.

Like any diet, oat implies a soft way out of it, gradually add more protein foods, fish, dairy products. Every seven days you can spend the day fasting only on oatmeal. This will hold the result for a long time.

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