The design of a garden site

To plan the design of the garden space is not so difficult. Nowadays there is a lot of information on these issues, and with the help of modern technology to embody conceived in life it does not present great difficulties.

Дизайн садового участка

One of the most popular ideas is the construction of an artificial pond in a garden or a plot that not only decorates the space but also gives the opportunity to relax after a hard day’s work.

To add to the plot aesthetics you can use a small waterfall in combination with wooden furniture in pastel colours.

It is also important to highlight paths or to use them as zoning. They can be made of small colored gravel. To properly form the metal tracks will help guides that are very easy to use, and besides, favorable. Nice turn out, if there will be a slide with plants and beautiful stones. If the track to make out of stone slabs, it will cost much more, but they will last much longer and pays for itself several times.

The road to the garage should be primarily sustainable, and then the best material you have just a rock. He gently accentuate a stunning backdrop to the planted in the flower bed plants.

Very nice in the garden will look a gazebo or some other corner to relax, being protected by a green wall of living vines. Next you can install a stone oven or grill, but as a Supplement to all this: to set the backlight and any garden sculpture.

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