Black discharge after menstruation

Черные выделения после месячныхThe phenomenon of black discharge after menstruation is often the cause of treatment of women to the gynecologist. The reasons for their occurrence can be set. Let’s try to understand this situation and take a detailed look at how possible violations of their appearance.

Why do I get black discharge in women after menstruation?

It should be noted that such selection may occur at the end of your period for 1-2 days before their termination. While their color is dark brown, in some cases, women say that black. It is not considered by physicians as a violation.

When black discharge is observed already one week after the menses, in such cases it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor. Typically, this phenomenon is a symptom of gynecological disorders.

For example, black spotting can be ectopic pregnancy. In most cases, the woman is nothing and has no idea about his interesting position. The disease can be confirmed only by diagnostic ultrasound, after which the woman is prescribed cleaning.
After the selection of monthly dark brown, almost black color, can be observed in diseases such as endometriosis, endometritis, endocervicitis, enlarged uterus, fibroids. In order to ascertain the cause, it is necessary to conduct multi-stage study.

In some cases, a brownish discharge is not a sign of disease?

During the search for the answer to the question as to why women go black discharge after your period, the doctor can diagnose and anatomical abnormalities that lead to the emergence of this situation.

Черные выделения после месячныхIn particular, abnormal shape of the uterus (bicornuate, saddle), there is a certain stagnation of menstrual blood. As a result, almost after each menstruation, the girl noted within a few days the appearance of black or dark brown discharge. This is due to the fact that the remaining in the uterus the menstrual blood changes its color due to the impact of temperature. In such cases, a woman may notice the appearance of small blood clots from the vagina.

Thus, it is necessary to say that the causes of black vaginal discharge after menstruation can be numerous, and in most cases, this symptom indicates the presence of disease in the reproductive system.


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