Sore clitoris after childbirth

Болит клитор после родовSome women when you visit a gynecologist after delivery complain that they have pain in the clitoral area. Often this phenomenon is women is attributed to the fact that after delivery the episiotomy was carried out and, possibly, for closure of the deep tissues of the vagina are touched the clitoris. Actually it is not. Try to understand why sore clitoris after giving birth, and name the main causes of this phenomenon.

What can hurt the clitoris?

Among the possible reasons is the consequence of excessive pressure of the fetus on the pelvic organs. When passing through the birth canal the baby is hyperextension of the tissues of the vagina, including the clitoris. In such cases, usually, the discomfort disappears alone after 10-14 days from the moment of appearance of the baby is not light.

In some cases pain in the area of the clitoris after birth may result from the accumulation in his hood of smegma (secretions). This is celebrated mainly in the failure to observe the intimate hygiene or improper conduct in women with large foreskin.

It is also worth noting that this can be observed after childbirth in which a woman was installed a catheter, a tube to drain urine from the bladder. A similar procedure is carried out as a rule, before the implementation of caesarean section

What more reasons may experience pain in the clitoris?

When women complaints to the doctor that she had a pain in my clitoris after birth, he responds that this is normal. However, it is necessary to consider that the appearance of such violations are not immediately after the baby is born and after some time (2-3 weeks), can talk about the exacerbation of chronic process in the reproductive system or the development of infectious diseases, for example, herpes or candidiasis. That is why in such situations is assigned a swab from the urethra and vagina to determine the cause of the pain.


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