Increase sperm motility

Увеличение подвижности сперматозоидовIn those cases, when a parameter such as sperm motility is not correct, the question of the increase of this index is one of the first who will hear the doctor from the man at the reception. According to the established norm in the research on sperm motility should be less than 35%. Let’s take a closer look at this characteristic of male ejaculation and talk about how you can improve.

How to increase sperm motility by yourself?

The first thing that doctors suggest that you make men in this case is to change your lifestyle. It is necessary to refuse alcohol and nicotine.

Also considerable attention should be paid to nutrition. The diet should include meat, milk, fruits, vegetables, nuts.

How to increase sperm motility by using drugs?

However, it should be noted that in most cases, improving sperm motility in men can not do without vitamins and special medications. Among the first physicians prefer integrated tools, which must be present vitamins E and C. Although in essence vitamins are not medicines, their use and dosage must be agreed upon with physicians.

Among the medications that can be prescribed to improve this indicator, we can distinguish 3 main groups of drugs:Увеличение подвижности сперматозоидов

  • drugs that enhance local blood flow — Trental, Actovegin;
  • the testosterones and the estrogens – Andriol, Proviron, Clostilbegyt;
  • herbal – Speman.

Duration, dosage, frequency, and duration of administration of these drugs must mention this your doctor. The only thing required from a man – a strict compliance with all recommendations and guidance.


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