Latte different from a cappuccino?

Even the biggest coffee lovers don’t always know the difference between a latte from cappuccino. It seems that the ingredients and cooking methods in this case are almost identical. And yet there is a difference, and significant. But let’s start with why these two drinks are so often confused.

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What are the similarities cappuccino and latte?

Both drinks came to us from the sultry Italy. The key ingredients in classic recipes is also the same: it is a combination of espresso with milk and milk foam.

The highlight of both drinks is the presence of fluffy foam on top, which can be adorned cocoa, grated chocolate, cinnamon and other spices. In addition, the Italians drink a latte, and cappuccino for Breakfast. But still, the tastes and the supply of drinks vary considerably, and that’s what caused it.

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Even if both drinks will be prepared according to the traditional recipe, still tastes they will differ because of differences in the proportions of the components. The ratio of foam, milk and espresso in case of cappuccino is 1:1:1, latte it 1:2:1. As a result, the first foam coffee significantly denser than the second.

The following is the sequence of use of ingredients while cooking. The cappuccino in the first place is always filled with espresso, then added on top of hot milk with foam. For a classic latte the sequence is the same, but its kind – a latte macchiato is prepared differently: in the first glass is poured warmed milk, add espresso, and the end is a layer of milk foam. As a result, the taste of the last drink the most soft, the milk in it felt stronger.

Varies and the supply of drinks, each of them decided to use their type of cookware. So, cappuccino is traditionally poured into a pre-heated Cup made of porcelain with a volume of 150-180 ml. Capacity is used for a classic latte ceramic Cup, and a latte macchiato is served in a glass Irish glass. The capacity of utensils for both of them is appreciably larger than in the case of cappuccino, and is 240-360 ml.



Latte macchiato

The last difference from the latte cappuccino is that the first drink is not always prepared on the basis of coffee. There are recipes in which espresso substitute different types of tea.

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Look again, what’s the difference between latte and cappuccino. The following table shows the main differences.


Is made from espresso, milk and milk foam in proportions 1:2:1
Espresso, milk and milk foam are mixed in the proportions 1:1:1

Foam is softer and less intense
Have more dense foam

May prepare espresso-based and various types of tea
Prepares espresso-based

First poured as an espresso, and milk
The first Cup is filled with espresso

Latte served in a Cup made of ceramic, latte macchiato – Irish glass
Served in a porcelain Cup

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