What distinguishes salsa from bachata?

Social dancing has charmed all with their beauty, passion and accessibility for people of different ages (and without much training). Salsa and bachata is on the list of favourites in this genre. In large and small cities, there are schools, training them, themed evenings. But to the uninitiated it is unclear what distinguishes salsa from bachata. We will try to understand!

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Salsa is a collective term for a whole list of varieties of dancing. In addition, it implies a special atmosphere and traditions in which they live are passionate about this field, people. Salsa can be performed as doubles, and threes, whole group or one person.

Bachata – the specific direction of Latin American dances, which has only 2 subspecies: Dominican and Colombian. Bachata is a couples dance exclusively, a feature of which is close contact between partners. This is one of the most sensual ways.

Salsa and bachata classes like basic movements. They tancuyte with music with 4/4 time, plus they both paid special attention to the ability of people to improvise. However, the differences between salsa and bachatas much more than similarities.

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The key difference between salsa from bachata is that the former has a direction, where is dancing is more or less two people, while the latter is strictly pair. A second difference is a different pace. Salsa is a more rhythmic, fast, energetic dance. Hallmark bachata – romantic and even some intimacy. Partners tend to feel each other. Accordingly, the music here is a little lyricae, traffic is more leisurely, smooth, paced below. Compare the following video, and it immediately becomes clear what it was about.



Despite the visual similarity of the basic elements, the salsa steps more difficult. Moreover, in her more spectacular moves. In General, learning the basics of bachata is required much less time and effort. The mood these 2 areas also differ markedly. Salsa is flirting, enthusiasm, play, flirt. While bachata more erotic and sexy. It is believed that salsa helps make new acquaintances, because themed parties, people often dance with those you see for the first time, change partners. In turn bachata contributes to gaining understanding in this pair. Her dancing, people begin to feel better each other, even if many years before was in a relationship.

In addition, salsa and bachata were born in different countries. The birthplace is Cuba first, appearance second, we owe the Dominican Republic.

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Originated in Cuba
Appeared in the Dominican Republic

Is a collection of many directions
A narrower direction, kind of dance

Danced in pairs, in threes, alone, by group
Pair dance

The pace is faster, the movements more energetic and spectacular
A more relaxed pace, gentle movements

Basic steps harder
Basic movements less they are easier

What is the difference between salsa and bachatas, now I understand. But in conclusion, I would like to note that these dances are still closely linked, because salsa parties are completely normal and natural is the inclusion of music for bachata. In practice, almost no people, who have mastered only one of two directions. So if the world of social dancing beckons you, there is no special need to completely choose between salsa and bachatas. In any case you master both.

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