How is the dam from the dam?

Dike and dam is a powerful hydro-technical objects. They may be built for different purposes. We consider in more detail what are they and how is the dam from the dam.

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Dam – the elevation created by artificial means in the area of water resource and performs the protective or regulating function.


Dam is the object being constructed in the path of water flow to raise the natural water level. The construction allows to remove from the operation of the water element.


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Thus, each of hydraulic structures perform their tasks. Dams are often built to protect areas located close to the water, from flooding. Such objects must be able to withstand the water pressure of a certain strength. Structures passing along the borders of ponds, called contour. The dam is also built in ports for fencing of the water area from the wave action and calm the traffic at the time of arrival, sluicing and exit. Facilities of this type apply to gravity.

In addition, dams are necessary elements involved in the regulation of the width of the riverbeds, and also in artificial separation or connection of threads. To the movement of water was carried out in the right direction, the objects positioned at some angle to the flow. Dam that changes the direction of the watercourse, sometimes constructed only for a certain period. This is particularly the case when it is necessary to divert water from the river bed by reason of the provision in the construction site.

What is the difference between the dam and the dam? It lies in the fact that the dam is not always exposed to strong water pressure. Dam are calculated for constant pressure. It blocks the flow, resulting in on one side of the structure the water level significantly increases. Dams allow us to do initially shallow rivers suitable for navigation and timber rafting. These objects also help to solve the problems of water supply and irrigation of farmland, and thanks to the concentration at the dam of the strong pressure it becomes possible energetic use of water.

The difference of the dam from the dam is that the construction of the latter, as a rule, promotes the formation of artificial reservoirs. In the river itself and the adjacent areas there is a marked transformation: the other becomes the flow regime, changing water temperature, complicated fish migration, flooded part of the coastal zone, in the area of construction changes the microclimate. With the help of dams also create reservoirs for detention of rain and melted snow in ravines and gullies. The accumulated water then used for irrigation and other purposes.


Performs protective or regulating function
Created to raise the natural water level

More designed to control the water element
Allows maximum use of water resources

Can be pressure and pressure
Always test the water pressure

Not intended to create a reservoir
Often built to form a reservoir

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