What is different from the patchwork quilting?

Some fancy word for «patchwork and quilting» are the popular names in the needlework techniques that allow us to create products from a variety of components. However, in each case, can be used different methods. So, what is different from the patchwork quilting?

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Patchwork is a technique that consists in the connection of multi-colored fragments of cloth or knitted in one single band.


The quilting – the creation of a multi-layered quilted products with a decorative surface, made with the use of different sewing techniques.

The quilting

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Comparing the two concepts, it should be noted that the patchwork as a separate technique, which uses a different technique, and the quilting is a harmonious combination of several techniques of sewing (products obtained in this case have the name «quilts»). In other words, the difference from patchwork quilting is the more narrow focus of the first of them.

The essence of patchwork is the creation of beautiful paintings from many fragments. Their size, shape and color individually for each product. Of great importance is the method of connection of elements. In one case, for example, creates a strict pattern of triangles of the same size, in another – randomly incorporate fragments of arbitrary shape and color. There are special techniques of patchwork, revealing the sequence of the pieces of material to obtain one result or another.

Patchwork is only a frequent component of quilting. But the picture of the patchwork quilts can contain applique when fabric sewn a variety of items, and embroidery. It is creating bizarre patterns of stitches joining all the layers of the product, is a characteristic feature of quilting.

The quilts always turn out soft and voluminous due to the «air» layer, for example of batting enclosed between the upper and lower cloths of the product. Items made exclusively in patchwork, not necessarily the volume.

What is the difference between patchwork and quilting? It is that the quilting is relevant to sewing. Patchwork happens and knitted. In this case, between a are combined the elements created by using needles or hooks.

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The quilting

A separate technique
A combination of techniques

Essence – preparation of the canvas from fragments
I now have wystawianie

Volume is not always present
The product is always surround

Sometimes knitted
Related to sewing

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