What is the difference between the birds from each other?

Birds are a class of animals that has feathers and a beak and have the ability to fly. Species of birds, there are so many, and to recognize which one belongs to one or another individual, you can on several grounds. So, what is the difference between the birds from each other?

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Birds live everywhere on the planet, playing in nature and in human life an important role. Birds can be called social animals because they tend to communicate with each other using special signals, audible and visual, and to execute joint actions.

For the birds is characterized by communal nesting. Gathering in packs, they hunt and protect themselves from predators. Most species tend to monogamy, when certain individuals of different sexes more or less long time, there are paired together and care for offspring.

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We list the features used to distinguish birds of different species.

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The class of birds includes representatives of various sizes. To a small include, for example, Sparrow and Wagtail. The crow and the dove are larger in size. And there are very large specimens such as ostrich and Flamingo.

to content ↑body Structure

Different birds differ in appearance, which depends on the shape and size of parts of their body. So, the owl’s large head just goes in the trunk, and the stork – winner of the long neck and small, compared with the torso, the head.

Variety of beaks of birds. For example, the Finch and Bunting they forage through a thick conical beak, herons and cranes a tool with a beak sharp and long, the predators he bent, hooked.

Another part of the body constituting the difference between the birds from each other, the tail. In some birds it is short and wide, others very long, but, say, swallow boasts a tail, split in half.

We have to say about the differences in the structure of the feet of birds, as well as the features of the plumage of these parts of the body. Thus, compared with long limbs herons, ducks legs look quite short. As for feathers, parts of birds, it exists only in the upper parts of the limbs, as, for example, legs of the same owls is entirely hairy. At the same time, there are individuals that tumbled «pants» of elongated feathers.

to content ↑Colouring

Color is an important feature to help identify bird species. Her options are numerous. I must say that owners of single-color of the plumage not so much. More often painting the same bird consists of «Islands» of different colors and shapes. Examples: magpie, bullfinch, Kingfisher.

Often found spotted or speckled color. They have, for example, verticasa and thrush. In some cases, to recognize a particular bird by «cap» characteristic color or by stripes on the tail, with a specific location.

to content ↑Voice

Birds constantly emit any sounds. These simple signals can sound the alarm, the peace or other state, using birds call them relatives. We all know how the ducks quacking or ruffled cranes. Callsigns different species differ.

Birds also sing. But they do it only at certain times – during the breeding season. Hearing the singing, you can understand what bird it belongs to. For this purpose it is necessary to pay attention to the duration, the pace of execution, pause, character sounds (whistling, chirping, waves).

to content ↑habitat

Speaking about the difference between birds, not to mention their habitats. Representatives of each species are living and work in certain conditions, allowing you to get the right food and nesting. For example, a forest is the habitat of grouse, nutcrackers, woodpecker. In steppes and meadows can be found lark and oatmeal. And for aquatic birds, the natural habitat of the reservoir.

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