What is different from a discovery?

Inventions and discoveries contribute to the development of progress, simplify our lives and improve its quality. But these achievements should be distinguished from each other. Consider the difference between invention and discovery.

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The invention is often called something new, something created by man to solve problems that arise in different areas, the most convenient, previously unknown way. Invented can be a material object (washer) or something not related to the material (a new method in production). I must say that in addition there are useful and useless inventions (bubble gum), or harmful (cigarettes).

The discovery of the primary discovery of objectively existing in the universe of phenomena, properties of objects, patterns. Open significantly enhance the level of knowledge of the person of the surrounding reality.

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One of the essential points that make up the difference of the invention from the open, is that invented the thing or method of action never before existed. The opening is the revealing of what was always present in the world, but before was beyond human knowledge.

For example, were once invented the hourglass, which became a very popular thing that helps to consider time. Until the invention of these hours the world did not exist, so we cannot say that they were open. However, no one would call the law of universal gravitation the invention. This is the opening, because such a law existed and acted before it was formulated by Newton.

Let’s analyze now how there inventions. First of all, such process implies the use of specific knowledge and experience, the appeal to intuition, creative work, design. Often the invention is the result of arduous efforts of many people.

At the same time, some discoveries can be called incidental finding, when quite unexpectedly found something important that helps to explain facts or bring practical benefits. The other source of discovery is the hypothesis, which later is confirmed by experience.

Know than differs from a discovery, is especially important when there are questions of patenting of achievements. Relative to the invention such a procedure is recognized as lawful, since in this case due to a specific person or group of people in the world there is something valuable and unique. Discoveries can’t be patented (for example, the laws of thermodynamics to patent it would be absurd).

In conclusion, it should be noted that between the two types of achievements there is a close relationship. The invention involves the use of open once patterns for a particular product. And making discoveries is often not complete without the use of existing inventions.

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The invention

Had not existed before
Existed, but was not found

Can not be accidental
Can be random

Can be patented
You cannot patent a

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