Powder from cystitis Ness: instructions for use

Inflammation of the bladder – frequent seasonal problem for many girls. What didn’t they invent to cope with cystitis that interferes with enjoying life. To combat the illness doctors prescribe antibacterial agents, however, the tablets imply a long period of reception, forcing them to suffer these days and wait for the action of drugs. The best solution –powder from cystitis Ness. It has already gained popularity, because it solves the problem for the day in one meal and safe even for pregnant women.

Instructions for use Monural cystitis

Monural (international name: fosfomycin), produced in powder form, is used to treat various infections of the urinary tract. The basis of the drug – fosfomycin, able to fight with staphylococci, gram-negative Escherichia coli, Proteus, streptococci, entrobacter, Klebsiella. Packaging Monural is a bag with three grams of powder, take it two hours for eating. Enough for one packet, but sometimes, if the symptoms do not go away, repeated in twenty-four hours.


  1. Caused by bacteria of acute inflammatory cystitis.
  2. Bacterial cystitis in the acute form.
  3. Inflammation of the urethra (urethritis).
  4. Encountered after surgery infection in the genitourinary system.
  5. Prophylaxis before surgery on the organs of the urinary system.
  6. Bacteriuria (child bearing women).

How to cure cystitis

Ness is a powder, which should be prepared for the reception of properly, according to a certain recipe. The main scheme implies that the packing of the powder should be diluted in about one third of the Cup and to drink for several hours before eating. It is recommended to take the medicine in the evening, shortly before bedtime. The drug will be effective if the bladder is empty. If the patient is an adult and the drug has had the desired effect, you can repeat that it is totally unacceptable, if he is appointed to the child.


In the first months of pregnancy the risk of cystitis is particularly high due to the restructuring of the immune system. The treatment of the disease is complicated by the fact that antibiotics can harm the baby, and selection of the drug must be thorough and careful. Ness during pregnancy is an effective way of dealing with cystitis and is valid for use carries the child of the women. He toxic neutral, destroys almost all harmful bacteria and are often appointed by doctors, even without analysis, as safe for the fetus.

Ness in HS (breastfeeding) it is appropriate to use, but it has to be suggested or confirmed by the physician. When using the drug is not recommended breast-feeding for two days, so the body completely got rid of the drug. Ness during lactation is recommended to use under the scheme due to the fact that contained in fosfomycin medication enters the breast milk and reach the baby, which is a hazardous substance.


Cystitis occurs in men with prostatitis or urethritis due to the fact that in the bladder stagnates the liquid. Even the mucosa of the bladder is inflamed in genital infections. May contribute to sinusitis and the flu, severe colds, inflammation of the testicles. The drug is used trichgramma dose contained in one bag. When complicated disease or in the elderly patient and possibly a second dose.


In children, cystitis occurs because of E. coli, it can pass unnoticed. Boys up to twelve months are more susceptible to inflammation due to congenital problems with the urinary system. But at the age of 2 years, girls often begin to suffer from cystitis, quantitative accounting for the majority. Dose of Monural for children from 5 years should equal two grams of the drug.

How fast is valid Ness

Active substance Monural is fosfomycin trometamol that kills even those bacteria against which other antibiotics show themselves untenable. For this reason, the drug doctors prescribe most often. Powder for bacterial cystitis easily passes into the bladder, is rapidly absorbed into the blood and starts its beneficial effect, which lasts for the next 2-3 days due to the fact that Ness accumulates in the urine.


Powder from bacterial cystitis is not so harmless. He has his own forbidden zone. Since the output Monural from the body through the kidneys, it is not without contraindications for its use. So, the drug should not:

  1. Children up to 5 years.
  2. When allergic reactions to fosfomycin.
  3. When kidney failure.
  4. If there is a tendency (genetic) diseases of the genitourinary system.

Side effects

Side effect from Monural can be heartburn, nausea and loose stools. Rarely is an allergic reaction manifested in the form of rashes on the skin. The consequences will become more widespread if the dose is exceeded. The most important tool for getting rid of the side effects is the consumption of large amounts of fluid, as the drug is excreted through the kidneys.

How often can I take Ness

During treatment should drink plenty of water, avoid cold, remove from the diet of smoked, roasted and salted, quit. Ness and alcohol are incompatible. These conditions need to was the effect of treatment. Enough single use of the drug in order to overcome cystitis. The purpose of repeated doses possible under circumstances such as: lack of effect from the first dose, the regular occurrence of cystitis, diabetes mellitus, age greater than 60 years, a complex manifestation of the disease. More than two times will not receive it.

Video about the preparation for the treatment of cystitis

Reviews about the powder

Irina, 30 years: Ness is an effective remedy for cystitis, but I found the domestic counterparts: Furagin and Previcid. Read in the annotation description and realized that it is worth trying to replace. Satisfied with the discovery, because the effect is identical, and the price is pleasantly different. Cured the disease, but thought that I have chronic cystitis. For a long time is not worried, although before the disease returned every six months.

Lena, 25 years: When I learned how much that helps Ness, I was pleasantly surprised. Disposable powder receiving broad-spectrum magically replaces the long pills and helps from cystitis. I used to be treated with a variety of antibiotics, but the disease returned. Ness tried a year ago, and cystitis have forgotten, they live happily ever after.

Maria, 20 years: Faced with cystitis a month ago when they returned from the sea, pain when urinating was a nightmare, everything was burning, there was blood in the urine. At a meeting with the white brother, I would run every half hour. I decided to try the Ness yesterday. Jump for joy because one day all vanished. I advise this drug to their girlfriends. Another plus – after his admission, the body loses sensitivity to antibiotics.

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