Stevia in type 2 diabetes: application of the sweetener, the benefits and harms of grass

There are many plants that bring particular benefits. In some diseases, they become indispensable helpers. For the same reason, use stevia if you have diabetes. This shrub since ancient times has established itself as a sweet herb, so it is added to food. Over time it became clear other properties of stevia: it is able to tone the body. How the plant is used in diabetes mellitus? The instructions below will help you to choose the medicine among the wide range on the basis of this sweet shrub.

Natural sugar substitute stevia

Under this name hides the green grass, which is also called honey. It looks similar to stinging nettle. The use of stevia in diabetes mellitus due to natural origin and a sweet taste of its leaves combined with minimal calories. It is also important that the plant extract significantly sweeter than the sugar. The benefits of sweet herbs following:

  1. Does not affect the content of glucose in the blood.
  2. According to studies can reduce the amount of sugar.
  3. Not slows down metabolism, i.e. does not contribute to weight gain.

The benefits and harms of the plant stevia diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is insulin dependent, which makes me think, do you need a sugar substitute, as prevention will not help. Doctors and in this situation it is recommended to consume the honey grass, because it improves overall health, facilitates blood thinners and immune system strengthening. When type 2 diabetes mellitus not dependent on insulin for this reason stevia is included in a special diet or take for prevention. Just be sure to follow the advice of a doctor, as this plant along with useful properties has contraindications and side effects.

Medicinal properties

Aside from the ability to reduce the level of sugar stevia herb possesses the following beneficial properties for diabetes:

  • strengthening blood vessels;
  • the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism;
  • the reduction of blood pressure;
  • reducing the amount of cholesterol;
  • improving blood circulation.

Side effects from using the sweetener

The negative impact of honey herbs can occur if you exceed the dosage of the drug based on it. Side effects the following:

  1. Jump blood pressure.
  2. Rapid pulse.
  3. Muscle pain, weakness, numbness.
  4. Eating disorders.
  5. Allergy.


Like any medicine, stevia in diabetes, has a list of restrictions:

  1. Cardiovascular disease.
  2. Problems with blood pressure.
  3. Pregnancy and lactation.
  4. Individual intolerance to components.
  5. A child under the age of years.

Medicinal uses of stevia in type 2 diabetes

Sweeteners for diabetes type 2 on the basis of stevia are available for patients with this disease in several forms:

  1. Tablets for oral administration.
  2. The concentrated syrup.
  3. Herbal tea based powdered leaves of stevia.
  4. Liquid extract, which is added to food or dissolved in boiled water.


Stevia in tablet form has several effective drugs:

  1. «Stevioside». In its composition has an extract of the stevia leaf and licorice root, chicory, ascorbic acid. One tablet is equivalent to 1 tsp sugar, so a glass Cup you need to borrow up to 2 pieces. The maximum daily dose – 8 tablets. Packaging 200 tablets has a cost of 600 R.
  2. «Stabilit». Pills from diabetes mellitus, satisfying the desire for sweets and increase weight. Per day recommended to take not more than 6 tablets using a glass of hot liquids up to 2 PCs. the Cost of 60 tablets of 200 p
  3. «Stevia plus». Prevents Hyper — and hypoglycemia in diabetes. Provided that one tablet contains 28 mg 25% stevia extract and the sweetness is equal to 1 tsp sugar to no more than 8 pieces a day. Cost 180 tablets from 600 p.


Stevia is also available in liquid form as syrup, it has different flavors such as chocolate, raspberry, vanilla, etc. Here popular of these tools:

  1. «Syrup stevia». The composition includes an extract of stevia – 45%, distilled water 55%, as well as vitamins and glycosides. Treatment is indicated for the diet of diabetics. It is recommended to use as a sweetener of tea or confectionery. The glass should have no more than 4-5 drops of syrup. Price 20 ml from 130 p.
  2. The stevia syrup with extracts of fucus, fruit anansa. Adults should take 1 teaspoon or 5 ml twice a day with food. The course of treatment no more than 3-4 weeks on health. The price of bottle 50 ml from 300 p.
  3. Syrup stevia «Tonic». In its composition has an extract from the collection of medicinal herbs of the Crimea, such as St. John’s wort, Echinacea, Linden, plantain, elecampane, horsetail, Cornel. It is recommended to add 4-5 drops of tea syrup. A value of 50 ml from 350 p.

Herbal tea

Fresh or dried stevia leaves can be brew and drink. As a natural sweetener, honey replaces sugar grass. Additionally herbal tea with stevia recommended for obesity, viral infections, liver disease, dysbacteriosis, gastritis and gastric ulcer. To buy dry grass at the pharmacy. Brewing should be a little cooled boiled water. After 15 minutes the tea is ready to consume. In addition, there are ready-packaged beverages, such as tea with stevia «green slim» or «Steviasun»

Stevia extract

Another common form of honey grass is dry extract. It is obtained by extraction using water or alcohol and subsequent drying. The result is a white powder, collectively called steviosides. He is the basis for syrup or tablets, which are obtained by molding. The powder comes in the form of sachets corresponding to 2 tsp sugar. Accept based on 1 Cup of liquid or a half of this batch instead of sugar.

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Natalia, 58 years: My experience as a diabetic for almost 13 years. After diagnosis of the disease is very hard to part with a sweet, therefore, stubbornly looking for something to replace sugar in diabetes. There turned up an article about stevia – sweet herb. Initially helped, but I noticed pressure surges – had to stop. Conclusion – not suitable for all.

Alexander, 26 years: My husband is a diabetic from childhood. I knew that instead of sugar he uses the powder, but most of the syrup stevia. Once he borrowed a bag and I liked it, because I noticed the positive effect on yourself and for 2 weeks it took about 3 kg. we Advise not just diabetics.

Oksana, 35 years: the Sweet taste of stevia is combined with soap that not everyone can endure. The naturalness, efficiency and accessibility one outshines this flaw, so I do not advise at once to take much better try a somebody’s taste. Diabetics can’t be choosers, so again, I sit with a Cup of soapy coffee.

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