Laser facial rejuvenation: fractional treatment of wrinkles on the skin

Aging is a natural process that affects all tissues of the body. Particularly noticeable age-related changes on the face: already 25 years begins to change the texture of the skin, become visible vessels, there are areas of hyperpigmentation. To bring back the former beauty, you need to run a natural mechanism of renewal and growth of cells. Read the methodology, specially designed for this. Learn what is laser facial rejuvenation, why it is considered to be effective and affordable.

Types of laser peeling

All laser treatments are carried out after consultation with the doctor-cosmetologist. Peeling is no exception. A specialist should inspect the patient’s skin, identify problem areas, to rule out contraindications and to take a decision on possibility of application of the procedure resurfacing. Depending on your age, the severity of the problem is chosen, the period of exposure of the laser on the face and the length of the beam. Laser resurfacing can be superficial, middle and deep.


The method is gentle and soft – the impact of the laser occurs only in the epidermis. Superficial peeling is suitable for all skin types, recommended for men and women, whose skin has a slight defect. Superficial peels do not require anesthesia. Its duration is 20-40 minutes. The procedure of laser resurfacing helps:

  • to improve the color, texture of skin;
  • to remove early wrinkles;
  • to lighten and purify the skin.


The impact occurs on the cells within the epidermal and basal layer. For optimal results, polishing is recommended to repeat 1 every 3-6 months. To laser rejuvenation is desirable to prepare the skin. The effect lasts for 6 to 12 months. The duration of laser resurfacing – from 20 to 60 minutes. You can use an analgesic. Laser treatment effectively:

  • improves the complexion;
  • reduces fine wrinkles;
  • discolorations;
  • even able to eliminate dark circles under the eyes.


This type of exfoliation involves the removal of the epidermal layer. The rejuvenating effect is visible immediately after laser treatment. At the time of peeling is recommended the use of General or local anesthesia. In those areas where exposed to the laser:

  • accelerates the formation of collagen;
  • evens skin relief;
  • moderate wrinkles disappear;
  • creates a powerful lifting effect.

The indications for the procedure

Laser facial rejuvenation is recommended to women who want:

  • to improve the facial contours;
  • to tighten the skin;
  • look younger by a few years;
  • to remove the «crow’s feet» around the eyes;
  • to align the complexion, to improve the color;
  • to reduce the number of wrinkles (aging and facial);
  • tighten pores;
  • to make the skin supple, smooth, elastic;
  • to remove the traces of acne scars;
  • to clean the skin from dirt;
  • to get rid of stretch marks.

Do I need prior training

Although some experts say that preparation for laser rejuvenation is not required, should not be neglected. It is easy to do yourself. Before laser resurfacing is not recommended to do cleaning of the face, sunbathe in the Solarium. In the summer it is necessary to use special protective creams from the sun. 2-4 days before the session is better not to use decorative cosmetics. On the day of the procedure, the face should be clean, without makeup. Immediately before the session of rejuvenation specialist will clean the skin, if necessary, will be treated with anesthetic.

How does fractional skin rejuvenation of the face

Laser cosmetology facial is performed with a special apparatus, the surface of which are cells for the penetration of light pulses under the skin. The rays come in small bundles. Tissue only intensely heated, without severe damage. For each client, the doctor selects certain parameters of influence. For example, when removing wrinkles the depth of penetration is less than in severe sagging of the face.

Before laser resurfacing of the skin is treated with an anesthetic cream. Duration 1 session – 60 minutes. All this time the laser is in motion. Even a minute confusion threatens significant damage to the dermis. The procedure of laser resurfacing are formed by micro-thermal treatment zones – pockets of rejuvenation and skin renewal. After the treatment a soothing cream is applied. Read more about laser rejuvenation – video.

How many treatments are need to achieve the effect

Reviews about laser facial rejuvenation many: this procedure is to their liking, others have unpleasant effects or no significant effect. Noted among the advantages of painless, affordable pricing, visible results after the first session. It is noted that, if you follow all the doctor’s recommendations and perform the recommended procedure, after the procedure healing is much faster. The next day after facial rejuvenation you can use the tonal resources.

Requires a different number of rejuvenation procedures depending on the quality of the skin, age, the severity of the problems. The effect of them is visible at once, so if the client is happy with the result, there is no need to spend extra. As a rule:

  • his second appointment is prescribed in 1-2 months;
  • there can be 3 or 4;
  • missing 1-2 procedures per year to maintain firm skin, fewer wrinkles on the face;
  • for the prevention of age-related changes need 1 time to perform laser resurfacing with a special gentle settings.

How to care for skin after treatment

«New» skin is particularly sensitive, prone to dermatitis, so it must take good care:

  • Immediately after the procedure the doctor applies a special solution or ointment to heal skin.
  • The client then prescribe antibiotics for the prevention of diseases.
  • During the healing period recommended products that contain dexpanthenol: «Panthenol», «Bepanten», «D-Panthenol». Be sure to use sunscreens with high protection factor.
  • On the day of the procedure, you can wash, however unwanted the sauna and swimming pool.

If the patient is under deep laser skin resurfacing may be recommended to spend a week in the clinic. During this time formed a thin epidermal layer, and in 1-2 months it partially heals. If after laser rejuvenation lasting red color of the skin may use a Foundation makeup. It is impossible to tear off the crust that forms on the face, or else it could get the dirt. Note:

  1. It is useful to wash with boiled water and ozonized.
  2. Do not use scrubs and peels until the epidermis will not get their normal color.
  3. Recovery from laser resurfacing will happen faster if you drink restorative vitamins regularly to be in the fresh air and to ventilate the room.
  4. If you notice severe swelling, experts recommend drinking less water can limit the amount of salt. Shown to do hyaluronic mask.

Are there any contraindications and side effects

After medium and deep peeling are almost always hurts the person, even if before the procedure you used painkillers. After a few hours the skin reddens, some swollen areas around the nose, around the eyes. There are known cases, when the problem did not pass and in a few days, for example, the treated area turned into a water balloon. So the body tries to quickly recover from the experienced shock.

After laser resurfacing likely such side effects like rashes, itching, especially in women who are prone to allergies. In the treated area may change the texture of the dermis – it is possible burns, peeling or whiteheads. Some activates herpes, there are scars, scars, hyperpigmentation. Many of the symptoms and side effects disappear after a few days without any traces.

Quantum rejuvenation is contraindicated in late pregnancy, during lactation. Do not procedures people under the age of 18. Laser facial rejuvenation is not performed if there is:

  • blood diseases associated with poor coagulation;
  • cancer;
  • infectious diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • mental disorders;
  • heart disease;
  • herpes in the area of anticipated impact;
  • hypotension, hypertension;
  • disease of viral etiology.

Photo before and after laser resurfacing

For the past 3-4 days after the first session of rejuvenation observed positive changes: the skin becomes noticeably firmer, improving its colour, texture, smoothes small wrinkles, shrink pores, become toned eyelids. If complete course, begins Samoobrona tissues. Reduces the number of folds and wrinkles, creates lifting effect. The earlier a woman or man appeal to the beautician, the more noticeable non-surgical face lift and correction. See photos before and after polishing.

Feedback on the results

Vera, 36 years: in the Fall of his beloved grandmother had an anniversary and as a gift to chose the certificate to the salon. As the modern woman she is, decided to try miraculous procedure called laser cosmetology person. After the rejuvenation and massage my grandmother were pigmented spots, improved skin condition, the grid disappeared from capillaries. Her next target is a plastic face in a few years.

Irina, 34 years: the Laser facelift is a discovery, made this year. Always skeptical of expensive cosmetic procedures peeling, until on the advice of friends tried this procedure. After laser resurfacing of the face has a little discomfort, but when I close my eyes – the result is worth it! Grateful to the doctors for bringing youth to the skin.

Olga, 20 years: With technology of laser peel faced a year ago, when the mother brought to the clinic. I read different reviews about it: the consequences and side effects. Actually it’s not all bad – the laser machine is available the latest, which was used by the doctor, not painful. Went to the clinic for treatment (equalization and whitening of the face), but in the end using this method disappeared even pimples.

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