Ichthyol candles with prostatitis: how to choose and apply

Some diagnoses are breaking the functionality of the reproductive and urinary system in men. Changes cause subsequent serious complications with the intense attack of pain. Ichthyol candles with prostatitis operate efficiently and accurately. Substances in their composition have good permeability, a direct effect on the nidus. They are available to all social categories of patients. Topical remedies for inflammation, are considered the best antibiotic natural origin.

The Ichthyol rectal suppositories for treatment of prostatitis

Anti-inflammatory drugs sold in every pharmacy, but require prior consultation. Optimum use of Ichthyol rectal suppositories for prostatitis as local anesthetic. Add them to the list of recommendations in the combined therapy to inhibit pain attack. Ichthyol candles are reliable protection from the diseases and pathologies of the rectum. They prevent the appearance of tumors and haemorrhoids.


Abstract to Ichthyol candles reports that in the chemical composition of the main component as a synthetic substance called ichthammol. Additional elements of the candles are oils, vaseline and greases, which explains the presence of an unpleasant odor that pharmacological products. The overall composition implies the effect on the nidus:

  • healing;
  • anticancer;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antiseptic;
  • antifungal;
  • regenerating and analgesic.

Properties of Ichthyol

These rectal suppositories have a list of direct readings and the list of restrictions for use, undesirable effects. On the background of many of the pharmacological properties of obligatory preliminary consultation with the specialist from the field of urology. The instructions indicated that the active component provides:

  • suppression of acute pain attack;
  • reduces high swelling;
  • normalization of systemic blood circulation of tissues;
  • the disappearance of all signs of inflammation;
  • venotonic effect;
  • strengthening weakened vascular walls;
  • suppression of pathogenic infection;
  • the increase of immunity.

Pharmacology Ichthyol suppositories for the inflammation of the prostate

This drug is irritating to the mucous membranes, is responsible for the energizing effect. When dysfunction of the prostate in the male body Ichthyol candles are a secondary tool. Their reception:

  • reduces pain;
  • suppresses signs of inflammation;
  • removes the unpleasant symptoms;
  • prolongs the period of remission in chronic diagnosis;
  • accelerates the final recovery in the acute phase.

In progressive prostatitis Ichthyol suppositories act as energy. After the introduction of rectal increases blood flow to the affected tissues, normalizes peripheral circulation, restores vascular tone, and cellular metabolism. After this course, the function of the urinary system is restored.

How to use suppositories of Ichthyol

The medication is specially designed for rectal use. In modern pharmacology there are several forms of Ichthyol. Candles add to the productivity of medicated ointments that can reduce the duration of therapy. This form eliminates the poisoning, relatively harmless to the body. To obtain sustainable results, you should check with the specialist how to apply Ichthyol candles in case of bouts of prostatitis.

The process of treatment of prostatitis lengthy and unsightly, depends on the stage of the underlying disease. Allowable daily dose – not more than 2 units rectally, it is desirable to carry out the procedure in the morning and evening. Rules:

  1. The drug is required to enter through the anus deep into the rectum.
  2. It is very important anti-inflammatory candles to enter into the anal hole so that the suppository was located opposite the site of the problem. This will speed up the action of the active component, will reduce the risk of relapses and complications.
  3. It is recommended to perform a pre-cleansing enema or buy Microlax, thoroughly wash and towel dry the treated skin.
  4. After this we need to carefully put the candle Ichthyol, without scratches and cracks anal hole.

Features of the use of Ichthyol rectal suppositories for prostatitis

Before applying the medication, it is important to remember the difference:

  1. To qualitatively anesthetize the discomfort from the inflamed prostate, to enter Ichthyol candles need only in a horizontal position. Avoid injury the anus and rectum.
  2. Doctors stipulate drug interactions with other substances. The use of prostatitis these suppositories impossible with alkaloids, salts of iodine, heavy metals – increases the risk of side effects.
  3. Action of Ichthyol does not affect the psychomotor reactions of the patient, therefore, during the course of treatment allowed the control of the vehicle. There is no limit to the intellectual work, work requiring increased attention.

Side effects

Rectal suppositories distribute the active substance, prevent the acute attack and the possible deterioration of General health. And there are side effects, among which are local and allergic reactions. It is hives, itchy feeling, swelling, redness of the skin after the introduction of candles, inner discomfort. If to stop further use of Ichthyol suppositories, characteristic anomalies will disappear without further medical help.


Before heal inflamed prostate chosen method, you should familiarize yourself with the restrictions to the use of Ichthyol suppositories. Among the contraindications in the instructions violated the declared sensitivity to the active substance candles. Cases of overdose Ichthyol in excess of regular daily normals excluded. Intoxication is completely absent.

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Victor, 54 years: Ichthyol candles have a bactericidal and analgesic effect after administration of one suppository relief after 15-20 minutes I took a full course, the disease for several months about myself not like attacks.

Vitaly, 47 years: I could not think that Ichthyol candles have a fast action. Once the attack begins, insert one suppository and wait for 5-7 minutes, until relieved. Disease I have a chronic but with Ichthyol e of its existence I rarely remembered.

Maximus, 50 years: These painkillers candles for me personally has been very reliable, although they have a cheap price in pharmacy. Tried a lot of expensive drugs and antibiotics including, but helped to cope with acute pain Ichthyol suppositories.

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