What foods burn fat and promote weight loss: what you need to eat

Those who are into keeping fit and watching food, familiar with all sorts of diets and other weight loss methods. What foods burn fat and promote weight loss, you will learn from this article. To have a slim body and not deny myself the pleasure to eat as much as you want – really. The key is knowing what meals and individual products will help to maintain a slim figure and good mood.

What you need to eat to lose weight

In addition to weight loss, you must balance your diet, eat small portions and try to lead an active lifestyle, you should consider that in the store you can purchase fat burning foods that must include in your diet. It is possible that you had consumed them for food, but did not know that they affect the improvement of the metabolism and may become a major tool in the struggle for slim figure.

Fat burning and metabolism products for weight loss

What foods burn fat and promote weight loss:

  • vegetables;
  • dairy products;
  • citrus;
  • berries;
  • green tea;
  • spices (ginger, cinnamon);
  • olives and olive oil;
  • some of the nuts.

Not all low calorie foods for weight loss and elimination of fat from these groups work for the benefit of your slim figure. So, especially effective are fibrous vegetables that have a high level of fiber content. Among fruits there are those who are on the contrary not very positive impact on your body, if overused. During the build the diet for weight loss don’t forget about the protein, which your body needs for normal functioning, and the figure for beauty.

Porridge for weight loss that burn fat

A huge plus of cereals in the case achieve the effect of weight loss in that they all contain the necessary vitamins and complex carbohydrates that are processed by the body. This means that your hunger won’t bother you for a long time. Besides, porridge is suitable for those who due to some characteristics can not afford to eat lots of fruits or nuts.

One of the most powerful of kas, which is easy to reduce the weight and improve the shape of the figure, is a conventional oat. When choosing a cereal at the store should pay special attention to those that are brewed the traditional way, that is not 5 minutes and all 20. In this case, oatmeal contains all the nutrients that it is rich. Dietary cook porridge only with water, not milk, because milk porridge too high in calories. Don’t abuse sugar, better add dried fruit or a spoon of natural honey.

What kind of fruit you can eat when losing weight

As for fruit, citrus zhiroszhigateli considered. In your diet aimed at losing weight, it must be lemon, orange, grapefruit, pineapple. It is desirable that they were all exceptionally fresh. Canned fruits are already processed and added different sweeteners, other preservatives, so if your goal is fat burning, then go to the market for fresh citrus.


Among the vegetables that promote weight loss, especially of the ones of cruciferous – cabbage. Fresh cabbage is richer in nutrients, and has geronikaki properties, enhances the process of digestion, improves metabolism. In the list of vegetables for weight loss you can make:

  • cucumber;
  • peppers;
  • celery;
  • beet.

For the desired effect of weight loss these vegetables preferably consumed raw, so open the book of recipes and find the healthiest food. It is desirable that the vegetables were seasonal. As you know, in the winter time to get truly delicious, rich in vitamins cucumber or celery difficult, but the cabbage and the beets you can buy really cheap in summer and winter.

Protein foods

Person in any case can not forget about the protein that our body needs for proper work and well-being. In addition, for the assimilation of protein consumes more calories. If you want to eat healthy food without harming your figure, go for lean meats: chicken breast, Turkey, fish. To lose weight does not mean completely abstain from food.

Properly cooked protein foods will help you not only eat, but also to lose weight. It is best if the meat is boiled, not fried in vegetable oil. Combine the bird with the pineapple or grapefruit – so you get not only unusual, tasty dish, but also the expected effect. Try to eat properly at least a week – you’ll notice the first changes.

Products that reduce appetite

In addition, in order to know what foods burn fat and promote weight loss, you need to remember that there are those that significantly reduce the appetite. With the help of them you can help yourself to get rid of feelings of hunger. It is important to remember that to follow such a diet, but if you your goal is fat loss, during lunch breaks at work you can indulge in something from the list. Then you will not want to take large portions in the cafe. List of foods that reduce appetite:

  • nuts (almonds, cashews, Brazil, peanuts);
  • seafood, including fish oil;
  • dark chocolate;
  • bananas;
  • cottage cheese;
  • coconut milk.

What not to eat to lose weight

For the sake of reducing weight and achieving the result men and women will go to any willing to abandon many high-calorie foods that daily played the role of main dishes in the diet. In this case it is important to know which foods should be excluded necessarily:

  • carbonated beverages;
  • fast food;
  • spicy food with lots of spices;
  • yeast bread, pastries;
  • sauces (mayonnaise, cheese, garlic, etc.);
  • popcorn;
  • pork;
  • salt;
  • sugar;
  • chocolate;
  • chips;
  • barbecue;
  • seeds;
  • yogurt with additives, flavorings.

Turning to products, which lose weight, it is important to understand that they will work only when you properly build your diet, eliminate all junk food, long digested. In the early days, most likely, it will be difficult to overcome the desire to eat something fatty, sweet and so on, but very quickly you will get used to the fact that only consume light, healthy food. In addition, your health will improve greatly and it will definitely affect your mood.

Video about healthy food for weight loss

In the following video you can find out more about those products, which can not only satisfy your hunger, but also help to get rid of excess fat deposits. Expert in nutrition will help to understand the choice of these products, explain how they work, for example, whether grapefruit burns fat. You will learn the TOP best fat burning preparation products and following our recommendations will definitely reach your goal. Make a table of recipes that will diversify your diet during the weight loss.

Foods that burn fat for quick weight loss

Foods that accelerate the metabolism

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