Nano gel for psoriasis: manual PR application and the mechanism of treatment

The reason for this skin disease, as a rule, are serious hormone disorders, and nervous shock. People suffering from psoriasis, you know what physical and mental discomfort caused by the disease. Medicines offered in pharmacies, bring the desired result, often find themselves not effective. However, recently appeared on the market an innovative product – Nano gel from psoriasis. The manufacturer promises that the medicine will help to cure the disease that is not capable of any other ointment.

What is included with nano gel

A cure for psoriasis is not composed of artificial ingredients, perfumes or dyes that tend to irritate and without that inflamed skin. The main active ingredient of the cream are silver ions. Additional components Nano gel are numerous vitamins, minerals. Remedy of psoriasis is different light texture, absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving clothing or linen greasy spots.

The mechanism of psoriasis treatment using nano gel

Unique the drug is positioned by the manufacturer as a universal means of coping with many different diseases – acne, onychomycosis, candidiasis, dermatitis, viral herpes, eczema. In addition, the cream normalizes blood circulation, softens the scales, has an antiseptic effect, nourishes the skin with minerals and vitamins, relieves itching, soothing inflammation. However, if you believe that the drug helps from psoriasis and other ailments, it needs to incorporate complex potent substances, which in fact do not.

How does

Psoriasis is a disease that manifests itself in the form of pigment spots on the body, face, extremities. They are shelled, itch constantly, and during times of stress, experiences itching becomes almost unbearable. If the skin brushing opens up access for other infections. In this regard, the main direction drugs for psoriasis should be the removal of itch and the disinfection of the skin.

Nano gel from psoriasis, because it contained silver ions, has antiseptic effect. These components destroy pathogenic bacteria, protect the skin from infections, disinfecting wounds, and help their quick healing. How to assure manufacturers that the medium is effective to enhance the immune system and, because of the vitamins in the cream, it nourishes the skin cells, making them strong and healthy.

Clinical efficacy of a drug against psoriasis

Nano gel for psoriasis has been tested in France in 2014. In research took part about a thousand people suffering from skin disease of different stages and forms. Subjects applied the cream for 3 weeks. The results surprised the doctors, because all, without exception, study participants felt the positive effect of the drug. The subjects was recorded progress in the treatment, and some, according to the manufacturer, it is cured.

Dosing means

  1. Clean the skin with soap and water, allow to dry.
  2. Apply a small amount of cream on the affected areas of the body without rubbing.
  3. If you have applied the cream liberally, rinse off with warm water.
  4. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day. Gradually the redness and itching will go.
  5. The course of treatment lasts as long as necessary for the complete disappearance of symptoms.

Video: How to beat psoriasis with nano gel


Valeria, 38 years: Ordered packing of the gel over the Internet in the hope that the tool will provide me some help, recently the itching has become unbearable. As expected, no magical effect was not. The tool was absolutely useless, only money wasted.

Alexander, 29 years: I am a person who is skeptical of such means, but when you have a disease, and you might start to hope for a miracle. Bought this tool for 2400 rubles, but the promised effect is not felt. Except that the itching started to care less and as a result, the skin healed a little.

Julia, 43 years: I means advised in one forum. One girl was touted for its remarkable effect and I decided to try the effect of the drug. She lied or not I don’t know, but the cream I had brought absolutely no changes. Even cheap «Preklady» more help from itching and flaking.

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