Child safety at home

Every parent tries to protect their children, trying to warn of trouble at home, outside and even during games. And to start thinking about this immediately after birth crumbs. Home for the child is the first place where he can explore, touch and see the objects that surround it.

Безопасность ребёнка дома

Every child tries to learn as much as possible, making daily discoveries. Parents do everything possible so the child doesn t hurt himself, but really many do not know even the most simple safety rules.

In the first place to provide the security you need in the room where the child spends most of his time. As soon As your kid is trying to make the first steps in his environment should not be dangerous objects that could cause harm.

  • Never leave your child unattended near water. Every kid is with great pleasure that splashing in the tub, but the water actually hides a lot of dangers.
  • All cleaning products, detergents, disinfectants and household chemicals keep where children cannot reach it. This is the real poison for the baby, which may get into eyes, on skin, in mouth. Should establish special protection for drawers and cabinets, that the child was unable to open them. Exactly the same should be done with drugs, they should be out of reach for the child.
  • After using women’s cosmetics, you need to take it away because the kids like to say all parents do. Tools for nail art, perfume, liquid Polish remover, and polishes can harm.
  • If dad enjoys hunting and he kept firearms at home, it should always be to and safely tucked away. If your baby is still very small, you need to remove all the excess from his crib. Remember that young children should not sleep on the pillow.
  • Check in the house each socket, they must be closed by special plugs, and wires so that the child did not see them at all. Forbid children to play near electrical appliances.

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