The secret to successful motivation

Everyone has multiple goals that we want to achieve. But to achieve the desired result it is necessary to put and realize the desired goal.

Секрет успешной мотивации

Very often when we press on toward the goal plays the role of negative motivation. Negative motivation means a negative outcome, if we don’t take a certain action.

For example:

  • If I don’t go to work that morning, I would be fired.
  • If I eat a lot, I can be thick.

As you can see, this question always makes us feel more negative emotions than positive. Every action is dictated by fear and anxiety.

You can compare other statements that reflect the same meaning, only with a different point of view:

  • If I today go to work, then I’ll have money I can buy what I want.
  • If I eat less, my figure each time would be to acquire a beautiful form.

As you can see, the sense remains the same, but the approval to make the experience uplifting and positive commitment to action.

The technique of positive motivation:

1. Remember any action you need to perform.

2. Write down all the advantages you will get if you reach the desired goal.

3. Use your imagination and imagine the result.

If motivation does not work, think about it – do you really need it?

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