How to get over a breakup with a loved one

Parting is always a difficult period in a person’s life. Were you the initiator, or has left you, in life there will be changes which it is important to be able to cope.

Как пережить разрыв с любимым

In the heat of the quarrels we often think about the parting, but, left alone, sometimes willing to forgive all if only he had returned and everything was as before.

In any case, don’t do this after breaking up:

— Don’t call the ex, do not look for meetings with him. Out of sight, out of mind is not devoid of wisdom proverb.

— Don’t write angry (or tearful) SMS. In any case, you and him need time to sort out their feelings.

Do not complain, do not talk bad about a former lover. It does not expose you in the best light.

— Not looking for a replacement (fire with fire — not a good idea in this case).

How to proceed:

— Change the environment if possible. Vacation or few days vacation in a new interesting place — a great way to escape.

— If you leave a job does not work, then you can, on the contrary, to plunge in head first, forgetting everything. First, to think about sad things will not have time, and secondly, the boss will appreciate your zeal, and to improve near.

— Discuss your feelings with a loved one (mother, sister or girlfriend). It is important to speak out, not keep it to yourself of negative emotions.

— If you do not want to share their heartache with strangers, you can pour them out on paper and then burn it. Psychologists believe this method is very effective.

In this difficult period it is important to love yourself. You can treat yourself to Goodies, all night revisiting favorite show, or to buy a new dress.

Psychologists believe that the average person need a year to recover after breaking up (the recovery period depends on the quality of attachment to the partner). You should not put the cross on private life and remembering past failures, tune in for the best, and it will happen.

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