Top myths about cellulite

Lately the most annoying and often the spoken word has become «cellulite». It can be heard in the radio, television, and fashion magazines consider it their duty to write about cellulite, intimidating the poor girls. And how here not to begin to carefully look for the «orange peel» on your body?

Топовые мифы о целлюлите

Worrying about the beauty of their bodies, many girls begin to believe everything they say, but not everything is true, there are well-established myths. What? Let’s find out and dispel them once and for all!

Myth one: cellulite is a disease

Well, let’s say, no-one died, and it’s good. «Orange» on the body appears from the fact that adipose tissue clogged slags and toxins, stagnant water and, of course, salts. All this is due to metabolic abnormalities taking place in our body, and this is a medical problem.

Myth number two: cellulite only women’s issue

A hundred times no. Men are also familiar with the word cellulite, but very few. Studies have shown, only in the last year for anti cellulite in the salons came 6000 men. Of course, men suffer from excess weight, but their skin ribbed tubercles unnoticed because they are not there. Just male and female morphology of the structure of adipose tissue in different.

The third myth: cellulite attacks fat Chicks and donuts

From the beginning so everyone thought, but a small dirty rejoiced, but not for long, and then they noticed that the cellulite settles anyway. Turns out that overweight and the amount of fat under the skin not the decisive factor. Cellulite is inflammation under the fatty tissue, and that means you need to fight first with slags and salts, but also about the weight, not to forget.

The fourth myth: cellulite is not a problem

Some doctors consider it a terrible disease, but others say that hard-core bumps is a normal, common thing. Because cellulite and performs a protective function. But don’t worry, if he took the initial stage, but if he poisons life and highly bothering – urgently attack!

Myth number five: cellulite is the lot of ladies in age

This is a real lie! The fact is that cellulite occurs in 15% of young women who begins puberty. So our enemy is a result of hormonal processes and not otherwise. Age doesn’t matter! With it just exacerbated the problem, but does not accept an early stage. All because the same stress, alcohol consumption, Smoking and other factors.

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