How to remove the password when logging in Windows 10

If the owner of the laptop or PC is its only user, to save time, it is more expedient to remove the password when logging in Windows 10 and disable its request after sleep mode.

убрать пароль при входе windows 10

Create a password for your account helps protect your personal information from third parties. This is especially true for office workers or family members using the same computer. If the laptop sit just you, each time you enter the password, and after exiting the sleep mode will take precious time. To quickly log in and immediately access to the desktop, need to remove the password when logging in Windows 10.

Those users entering the system under the Microsoft account and using local account, you can cancel the password using «Settings» in the «start» menu. Open «Account», go to «login Options» and click on «Change» under «Password». In the window that appears, type the current password and click «Next». You will be asked to change it. Here you need to leave all three boxes blank, click «Next» to confirm and Finish.

To disable the password prompt for your account in Windows 10 you can use the «Run» window. Click the right mouse button on the icon menu «start» box or call on the keyboard combination Win + R. In the «Open:», type netplwiz, press OK or Enter. In the pop up window, remove the tick from «Require user name and password» and click «Apply». Out of the box «Automatic login». In the column the user entered the name of your accounts, and all other lines should remain empty. Clicking OK, you agree to sign in to Windows 10 without entering the password.

To remove the password from the computer after exiting sleep mode quite easily via «Settings» in the «start» menu. Open «Account» and find «input Settings». In the dropdown menu for the header «Require login», specify «Never.» Now even if you get distracted, and the laptop will go into sleep mode, you don’t have to remember the password and to always enter it.

Remember that deactivating this feature in Windows 10, you open automatic access to the system to anyone who decides to use your laptop or PC. Before you disable the password prompt for your mouse, think about the possible risks and consequences and then only take an affirmative decision.

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