How to grow adenium

Adenium fat, something resembling a bonsai is very popular because of their simplicity and abundant flowering.

Как вырастить адениум

Her handsome can be grown from seed from China, which can be ordered by mail. To prevent rot treat them before planting with a fungicide (according to the instructions, or you can stand half an hour in a pink solution of potassium permanganate). Then another three hour soak in a growth stimulant.

In plastic cups of 50 ml volume, make needle drainage holes. To purchase soil for cacti add vermiculite and chopped coconut fiber (in equal proportions), stir and sprinkle on the cups. Seeds will Zaglebie an inch, one in a Cup, gently pour warm water (or use spray), cover with glass and place in a dark spot near the radiator. When about seven days after planting they will begin to arise, put under lights so that the seedlings have enough light and grow faster. Periodically ventilate, gradually accustomed to the air, and in five days the glass get.

Every month adenium will be higher and thicker. A year later, in cups they will be crowded. Transplant them in a wide, but shallow pots, because their roots mainly grow horizontally. Make the substrate same as when sowing seeds, just add a handful of horse dung.

I love adenium

In spring and summer drink a lot of water, so watering necessary more often. Be superfluous evening spraying. In winter: the leaves will fall, plants will go dormant when the average temperature is 13 degrees, they need to be watered rarely and cautiously so as not to fill (you can see the barrel when it starts to shrink – watered sparingly). The period of recovery from hibernation is the time when the plants switched on the kidneys. Then after waiting a couple of weeks, water them in small portions.

Tip: make sure that the plants are not exposed to direct sunlight. During active growth and flowering once a month fertilize with mineral fertilizer (for succulents, as per instructions). Also once a month treat with an infusion of horse manure (the degree of dilution with water one to fifteen).

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