How to make an Easter tree for interior decoration

Such crafts, as Easter tree is easy to do with the children, it will be a fun and useful pastime for the whole family.

Как сделать пасхальное деревце для украшения интерьера

You will need

  • — dry branch
  • Lac
  • — glue
  • — acrylic paint
  • — flower pot of suitable size
  • — pebbles (or plaster)
  • — crepe paper in green color
  • — scissors
  • paper butterflies
  • — eggs from the shell


1. The branch is easy to find on a walk in the woods or in the Park. Trees breaking not need to work need dry branch, which in abundance can be found on the ground under the trees. It will be a fun task for children on a family outing.
Thread cleaned from dust, varnish.

2. In a pot pour the pebbles or fill with solution of gypsum in water, to establish and consolidate the branch — the future tree.
Pour the plaster or pebbles to fall asleep not to the brim, leave room for the herbs of the crepe paper.

3. The lower part of the branches to paint white paint — like whitewash on a tree.
On the branches to paste paper butterflies.
To hang on the tree twigs decorative eggs from empty egg shells. Such eggs can be decorated with drawings,
applique processing in the technique of decoupage or even to crochet clothes for them. It is possible to cover with a varnish tree.

4. In a pot put thin sliced crepe paper — an impromptu grass.
The pot can be decorated as desired or left as it is.

5. The children will participate in making crafts like this Easter.

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