How to care for the aucuba

Recently aucuba is gaining more and more popularity among flower lovers. This evergreen shrub is uplifting even in winter.

Как ухаживать за аукубой

Natural habitat: humid subtropics. The plant is very shade tolerant and, unlike other houseplants, has a rare frost. The genus is known in only 6 species.

For growing at home are ideal cool North room. In winter the temperature should be no higher than 13 degrees, because due to this the plant may lose some leaves.

As substrate you can use any all-purpose blend. Valid growing on hydroponics. In the period of active growth needs abundant watering in winter — mild. Aucuba needs regular spraying. Forming crown pruning is needed. Transplanted every 2-3 years, it is important to try to keep the soil ball with roots.

Propagated by fresh seed and cuttings in the warmer months. Multiplying I the aucuba seeds, we must remember that varietal attributes may not be transmitted to seedlings. Seeds should be sown in moist substrate (mixture of peat and sand), then cover with cling film and keep the bowl at a temperature of about 21 degrees. Crops from time to time aired and sprayed.

The cuttings in rooting cut in April or in early autumn with the escape last year’s growth. They must have at least 3 sheets. Rooted in 22 degrees of heat, under cover in moist substrate. The seedlings regularly aired and sprayed.

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