Guessing on colors

Already in ancient times, people predicted the fate of the plants. This type of divination is called florimania. In our days it is widely known guessing on a camomile «Loves me not». However, it is possible to conjecture on other colors.

Гадания на цветах


Guessing on the sunflower

Tear the sunflower, make a wish and pull it out of the ten flower seeds. If all seeds would be filled with cores inside, the desire will be fulfilled soon. If you find one empty seed, in the way of your dreams encounter obstacles. If empty will be two or more seeds, the wish will not come true.

Guessing on the roses

You will need three roses – red, white and yellow – and sugar. Sprinkle sand on the table in the form of a circle, and from each tear off two rose petals. Specify three questions: the first question should be about feelings (e.g., «does he Love me?»), the second is about career or money, the third – on any other topic. Mentally ask the first question (about feelings) and throw circle high above the two red petals.

If both of petal, falling, get to the circle, the answer to your question is «Yes». If a circle falls from the petals of only one – the answer is «maybe Yes, maybe no». If both lobes fall out of the circle – the answer is «no». Do the same with yellow petals and had a question about a career, and with white and had a question on any other topic.

Guessing on the violets

Put a pot of violets at the head of his bed and bedtime set colors. The answer will come in a dream.

Divination by the nails

Go to the garden, where the marigolds grow, and choose the two most appealing flower. One of them name «Yes» and the second «No». Watch them until the evening. The flower faster will be closed for the night, and will give you the answer to your question.

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