Propolis and its benefits

Propolis is called bee glue, which resembles a resin. He’s going with buds of birch, poplar and alder in the spring. Propolis natural color of brown or green. Bees use the substance as building material for insulation cracks, the settings of the lumen. Also, before seeding cancer propolis is used for disinfecting.

Прополис и его полезные свойства

The origin of propolis is controversial because General opinion no. The most popular versions of propolis is called the residue of digestion of pollen, give him vegetable properties, similar in composition to the buds of trees. Using data from the fees of propolis, it can be noted that the maximum «harvest» identical time the largest fees of pollen. In addition, bees restock of propolis on nezarazene territories in small quantities.

The properties of propolis

Description of the useful qualities of propolis can be found in ancient Scriptures. It is described as a treasure trove of health. Properties are not lost when frozen, the propolis will not deteriorate, thus it is best antioxidant.

With development of medicine it was impossible to ignore so useful substance. Because modern science has borrowed from folk medicine recipe bee glue. Nowadays in pharmacies easy to buy drugs with propolis.

A number of medical industries can not do without the use of propolis. It is used by dentists, dermatologists and pediatricians. First of all, such an important quality of propolis as a bactericidal action, prevention of the occurrence of the fungus, local anesthesia. It is important to remember that in addition to the useful qualities, propolis is the allergen, and can use them only after consulting a doctor.

Propolis will help with several types of ulcers (stomach, duodenum), heart disease. The substance used in the treatment of lung, skin, as well as in gynecology. Even if the disease is at a later stage, propolis is able to detect and stop the inflammatory process.

About the extract of propolis

Extract of bee glue has a significant antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It is necessary to use propolis to heal wounds, prevent SARS, various colds.

To prepare the extract, you pour 100 grams of boiled water 10 grams of propolis. The procedure was carried out in a thermos. The temperature of the water used should not exceed 50 degrees. Insist extract from 12 hours to one day.

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