The benefits and harms saunas

A visit to the sauna or bath is a common procedure that is beloved by many. However, the sauna has its pros and cons that need to know each person. This will help to decide about the need or rejection of such procedures.

Польза и вред сауны

One of the main and most common benefits of sauna is hardening. Sauna implies a contrast of hot air and cool water. Thus, there is a hardening of the body, which subsequently prevents many diseases and makes the body more resilient. Many fans of saunas refer to the advantages of saunas the opportunity to hold a session of aromatherapy. Although this is not always feasible. After all, if you have a flat or house with a private sauna, of course, you can add to the coals of any essential oil. But if you go to a public sauna, it is possible to drip on the coals of any essential oil simply cannot. The effect and flavor will be preserved for a long time. And someone can be this scent unpleasant, or even someone can be lactose intolerant.

The next advantage of sauna is the active production of sweat. Thus clears the pores and deep layers of the skin, leaving waste and toxins, reduces the number of lesions on the skin. Besides sweat out excess water from cells, which helps weight loss. In the sauna, work better cosmetics all type of masks and scrubs. As well as anti-cellulite products work better. But there are also disadvantages.

For lovers to relax in the sauna in the company of friends and alcohol, the bad news. When the use of alcohol in a sauna increases the risk of heart disease. If you do not close the head hair and headwear, they may dry up or get heat stroke. It is also worth to take care about the hydration of the skin, as very dry air can cause skin to perenositsya and will start peeling. In public sauna there is a possibility of Contracting a fungal infection if you walk barefoot. Better to provide rubber shoes.

Sauna is contraindicated for pregnant women because there is a chance a weak to harm the fetus. And you should not take a sauna during menstruation.

In General, a sauna is a great possibility of rehabilitation and recreation. Just in any case, you need to be careful to observe the rules of hygiene. And it is best to consult a doctor to determine whether similar health treatments.

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