Diet Shangri-La

About this diet world discovered in 2006. As a doctrine, and in the book about this way of eating invisible thread traced the idea of the psychology of the human appetite. Love of humanity to food based on its taste and aroma. The name of this diet comes from the book «Lost horizon», there is Shanga-La, it’s a fictitious place in Tibet, as a European Utopia.

Диета Шангри-ла

The author of the diet is Seth Roberts – doctor psychologist, his diet is perfect, in his opinion, the attitude toward food and food in General. Experimentally, he came to realize that the human body accumulates the calories from the food that he likes, which seems tasty and flavorful.

The experiment was simple, it was tried in France a high-calorie drink, the taste of which he was unpleasant and did not add a single gram of weight. If a person to offer a wide selection of tasty and diverse food, it will quickly gain weight, and Vice versa, if his diet is limited and scanty, the desire to feast upon this food and snacking it will be less, and the risk of overweight is reduced.

Nowadays this diet is based on three meals a day. The food can be high calorie, but unattractive for humans, unappetizing. Eliminates one of the causes of excess weight is overeating. The doctor recommends that you stop viewing the advertisements of products, a variety show about cooking. Products for the diet should have low glycemic index, they do not cause sudden rise in blood glucose. To reduce appetite, the psychologist offers is tasteless food, such as rice or egg white, you can also just ruin a favorite dish seasonings, which are chosen randomly and there are over 10 different flavors and aromas.

This diet has its positive aspects. There are no restrictions on food choice, you can continue to eat your favorite and familiar foods. There is no need for daily weight measurement and counting calories, which can sometimes be problematic and confusing. No longer a need to cook separately from the menu of the family.

Diet has its obvious shortcomings, the effectiveness of this diet has no clinical evidence. Loss of appetite and desire to eat may disappear immediately, because each person is different, and to achieve results can take up to several months.

One of the dishes of the diet, which suggested that the doctor and used it, it is water with dissolved disaccharide. You can also use a highly purified vegetable oil, with no fragrance and a pleasant taste in the volume of two tablespoons in 24 hours.

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